No more Rajma chawal in Panjab University


Pu bans Rajma Chawal in StuC, students in distress.

Yeah! We know this is heart quenching but it’s true. Your favorite and most preferred dish, Rajma Chawal will not be a part of university’s menu anymore. This news left many students numb and made them crave for Rajma chawal even more.

Management took this hard step because since last year many food poisoning cases were reported by the students due to consumption of the food from canteens in the University and Student centre. After conducting several surveys, the management came to know that the canteens serve the same lot of cooked rajma chawal for five days straight which is leading to food poisoning. A warning was issued to the food contractors to regarding the same.

Although the complaints of food poisoning started to striction, a couple of months later students came up with a new and quite common issue of acidity which they experienced always after having same food, rajma chawal. Their savior was now becoming their worst enemy. Students felt averse on sharing this problem of acidity but one from thousands reported a complaint to management which stated, “Respected sir, with due respect I want to say that though the problem of food poisoning had been reduced to a level but we are back with a problem of acidic reflux and that too on a next level. We are doubtful that again the reason behind this is Rajma Chawal. Hope you will take an action soon” 

This application was considered seriously and a investigation was undetaken again. What came of the investigation this time was the fact that the cook never added supplements to reduce the effect of raffinose in rajma which resulted in acidic reflux in students. 

Since the cause did not cease, even after repeated warnings,  the management decided to take a stronger decision and banned rajma chawal from the menu altogether. 

This decision came as a shock, not just for the students but also the caterers. “It is not easy for us to make such decision either. But we cannot compromise on the health standards of the food served in the campus. I hope that students will understand the concern behind this decision and not act irrationally in response to it,” said a member of the administrative office.

Mr. Food Digger, a well known food blogger in campus said, “don’t worry, this decision will not last for long. We as students have responsibility to save rajma chawal for us and for upcoming batches. We will do whatever it takes to bring it back.”

Resources are assuring that this move will result to something drastic in future because rajma chawal is more of an emotion than just a dish. Students are planning to raise their voices against this act and this may lead to something exuberant. Also, instagram pages of panjab university on have started an online protest and are making #rajmakiazaadi trending.

“If it is just about acidity we can carry eno along but we need rajma back” said a student around StuC craving for rajma chawal.

If you are also a rajma lover and can’t imagine your college life without this dish then join hands with the admin and make #rajmakiazaadi trending.

DISCLAIMER: Bogus Bulletin is out Thursday section of believably fake news.  Please do not trust this article to be true. Rajma chawal cannot and will not be banned. This article is just a figment of the author’s imagination. Enjoy reading it with a bowl full of rajma chawal.  

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