Nirbhaya of Kerala


A young law student, living in a single room house with her working mother was brutally raped and murdered in the supposed safety of her house. My hands tremble as I write this. 30 year old, Jisha was stabbed 38 times with a large sharp object, exposing her intestines and abdominal organs.The murderer also strangled her till her last breath making sure she would not live. All this happened in the broad day light. Jisha was found lying in a pool of blood, in Perumbavoor, when her mother returned home from work. It is known that even after being reported, no investigation on this vicious crime was started until 5 days. It’s been over 10 days without any formal arrests. The ferociousness has drawn comparisons to the infamous Nirbhaya case. After a plea in the High court, the central government agreed to appoint CBI and STI (special investigation team) for probing this case.

It would be an understatement to say that it’s such a shame that on one hand we know this state to have the highest literacy rate in the country and on the other for the growing rate of crime aganist women. While rape cases registered more than 100 percent increase in the last five years, sexual harassment cases went up by more than 50 percent in Kerela. The statistics show that at least three cases of rape are reported every day. The murder could have been avoided if the authorities had taken stringent actions on the numerous complaints.

This ghastly murder of the “untouchable” woman has brought about debates on the condition of the dalits. Really no one can comprehend the state of the victim’s mother, who has been admitted to a hospital due to the trauma. She said that they constantly faced threats from the neighbors and also isolation and social boycott. PM Modi used this  case as a leverage against the ruling party in Kerela, UDF. But this is no time for social inequality based debates or for politics. A wave of media coverage, protests and social media uproar depicts that the whole country wants justice for Jisha. This trending line on twitter says everything:


“Dear Jisha, The law you ate up burning midnight oil is not burning away your rapist”.

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