Niner- A teeny tiny house of heaven


Did you know not very far from the hubbub of our very own MCM DAV College, we have a petite place called Niner in sector 37 and it’s clearly one of those places you can depend on for a good dose of the best discovery humans ever made- food.

The white sauce chicken trio pasta is not the one you get at regular places. The sauce has a different texture and its flavor is full of herbs playing tricks with your taste buds! It also has, like the name suggests, three kinds of chicken in the form of salami, BBQ chicken and sausage!

The mojitos are a cheap bet compared to other cafés in the tricity. The little place manages to always play some good music and may seem to lack appealing ambience at first, but you start feeling at home after a while.

The sparkling star however was the chicken steak, served soft and fresh with stir fried broccolis, beans, mushrooms and carrots on a bed of beautifully flavored rice with a topping of a master chef sauce!

Here’s a place giving you good food at reasonable prices with good quantity, for which you don’t have to travel far or greet people you know.

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