New Year Resolutions- Overrated?


This post is not intended to offend anyone and is a sarcastic take on the New Year resolutions. Proceed at your own risk.

Well, hello there! It’s 2018; last day of 2017, we couldn’t wait for that year to get over. Could we?(Please note the sarcasm, if it wasn’t obvious already.)  I can list all the things that went wrong in 2017, but hey, I’ll spare you the monotony of it. You can thank me later!

What do you think, when I say New Year? Apart from clubbing? Wasting the night away in its full glory? Starting the year with a hangover?! Ahh, the good times. I’ll help you, resolutions. New Year resolutions!

Every year, every year on 1st January thanks to the societal pressure of changing one’s life and taking control of the future; we make a list of goals to follow. (I mean, if we really want to change something why wait for the New Year?)  

Remember the resolutions, you made for 2017? If you are in the minority who actually ended up fulfilling them, reveal your secrets! But for us, commoners, from starting a healthy diet to waking up early, which we planned in 2015 or even way before have still not seen the light of the day, unfortunately.

Don’t let me stop you from going out and partying; drinking (just not driving after that, please?), making New Year resolutions etc, whatever floats your boat. How about finishing the year with kindness, instead?

Winter is here, and instead of hoarding all the clothes that you are never going to wear, help a soul in need. Get in touch with the nearest organization, and spread the warmth.

Spread the Paws-tivity! You can feed the stray dogs around your society, adopt instead of shopping or even sponsor a meal at the local animal shelter.

Volunteer at an old age home or an orphanage! Get blessings for the New Year from the elders and share the joy with the children.

Become an organ donor and you will become someone’s hope. If you can scroll through Instagram, you can definitely fill out a form and change someone’s life.

Be kind to yourself, we all experience failures in life. But, what we learn from it is what matters. Step it up and mess it up. Live a little!

Remember-The best is yet to come! Wishing our wonderful readers, a Happy New Year from the Team at PU Mirror. Cheers!

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Saana Kataria (BDS, PU Campus)

Medical Enthusiast. Loves social Networking. Crazy about junk food and four legged pooches.


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