Need Of a Journalist Safety Act in Panjab and Haryana


Panjab university witnessed one of the most sensational events in a long time, this January on the 29th. It was one of those events where one is inspired to speak the truth and expose the evils of the system no matter what the cost may be. The event started at around 3:30 P.M where Abhishek Chatri told us about the vision of the organisation and how it all started –  “ It was in Delhi when we 10-12 journalists met and started discussing the threats looming on activists and the murder of recent journalists like Gauri Lankesh. We thought to build  such an organisation who wholeheartedly works for the rights of the journalists who go unheard and risk their lives.”

He further went on saying about the recent seminar conducted by CAAJ ( COMMITTEE AGAINST ASSAULT ON JOURNALISTS) ON 22-23 SEPTEMBER 2018 , where many famous truth speaking journalists like Ravish Kumar, Neha Dixit addressed the forum.  It talked on the safety  and security of journalists, the prevailing poverty in out country and other real life issues.

Next the committee present inaugurated a book by the name of National convention against assault on journalists which is non – Corporate funded and covers murders, fabricated cases and threats against journalists from January 2010- June 2018.

Next the stage was took up by the respective speakers. First we had Anshul chatrapati ( Whose father was a detrimental force in exposing the evil clutches of Ram Rahim on the people)   who thanked the organizers for such a wonderful value creating initiative  and talked on his case how it took 17 years to get justice. He was very clear with the message that *justice delayed is justice denied* and spoke how first there needs to be an internal change in the people along with the act with which the committee is fighting with its whole heart. The chair was headed by Anand Swaroop Verma.

The other speakers in the line were Dr. Tejwant Singh Gill (Ex – Editor, Desh sewak ), Jaspal Siddhu ( Senior journalist) and Sudesh Kumari( General secretary, Jan sangharsh Manchester ,Haryana). All of these speakers spoke on the influence of the government and the the corporate sector on the 4th pillar of democracy. How this harms the true spirit of  journalism and shared their own personal experiences of being haunted by the bureaucrats for sharing their truth.

Finally the stage was took up by Mr Verma who narrated his own personal experiences in journalism where one experience being of  Jaswant Singh khalra who reported on 25000 allegedly killed people. The next day he  was kidnapped and killed, and it was found out how a  S.P from the police forces by the name of Ajit Singh sadhu was involved in this crime.  (There was a report that he committed suicide the next day by coming in front of a running train, but people and rumours say that he went to Canada instead of committing suicide on Railway tracks)

He said that – “ The system does not want that we develop scientific temper, the more orthodox we are, the better for the system. We are from the beginning taught to be slaves for a machine, replaceable cogs for a call certain ridden system.” He concluded his talk  by saying that only those people would support for whom you are writing, why would the state be with you, you are against the state, because you expose the dirty truths of the state, the truths they are hiding to maintain a fake pretentiousness of order in the world, so that they can exploit the masses .

The talk concluded with a vote of thanks by Abhishek to MANDEEP PUNIA ( The organizer of the event), Shuvender and Ghai Publishing house.

For further details you can go to and also follow them on twitter by the name of @caajindia

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