Need for speed

Seeing the newspapers flooded with news of accidents and deaths due to over speeding got me thinking, what actually is the need of speed? How enduring is the ‘thrill’ and the ‘rush’ one experiences during those minutes? We fickle-minded creatures fall short to realize, how moments of rush and adrenaline will lead to gush of desolation.
However, I am not just referring to the over speeding of our vehicles at road. Many of us enjoy driving our lives at the 5th gear. We cover our lack of self-restraint under the blanket of ‘passion’ and ‘ambition’. The idea of ‘haste-makes-waste’ seldom crosses our mind. A ‘successful job’ at a young age, a ‘perfect’ married life, a luxuriant house, incredible amount of wealth might not be the only parameters that define our passion.  If we don’t bring ourselves together to direct our energies towards a particular goal, I believe, we won’t be able to enjoy the fruits it renders. I personally wouldn’t cherish each moment of my job or my future life, if I have not strived hard for it. Quickness brings along with itself an element of brevity.
To conclude it, I believe one would not love to consume a half ripened fruit. The phase where we wait for the outcome, makes us patient and it also carries the vein of a lingering happiness and satisfaction. An artificially ripened fruit might taste equally delicious, but will surely have its own consequences over your health! The right thing at the right time serves us with an immeasurable depth of gratification and will definitely be abiding, if not permanent!

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Gunjan Kapur

Gunjan Kapur (MCM College 36)

An extrovert. National level debater, fond of communicating with people and observing them. A budding writer, huge coffee fan! Believes in radiating positivity and good vibes, if not anything else! A good heart and an even better intent is all it takes to befriend people.


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