Navsankalp finds a way to will, to help the ill with their 86th and 87th donation!


Photography by Vinayak Sharma (DAV College 10)

A charity association run by the students of the tricity, NavSankalp took a huge step as they conducted their 86th and 87th donation on July 25th, 2016. They saved two innocent lives; by donating an amount of Rs 31,000 to a nine year old boy, Arshdeep who was suffering from G.B syndrome, and an amount of Rs 41,000 to a six year old boy, Aditya who was diagnosed with 30% deep dermal burn case.

NavSankalp is aimed at empowering the underprivileged and helping them through financial support. More specifically, NavSankalp helps those critically ill-children, whose family cannot afford the treatment. It has been an active association and has saved lives of over eighty children, all below the age of seventeen; by donating a total sum of over 42 lakh till date, which were collected by the students by organizing a number of charity events. This time also, when the doctors approached them, without wasting a single instant, they took the initiative, came to the rescue, and financially aided the needy.

The formal donation was done in the presence of esteemed dignitaries such as, Shri Ajit Balaji Jhoshi, Deputy Commissioner, Chandigarh; Dr. Anuradha Jattana, Doctor from P.U, who is associated with the poor ill(s); and under the able guidance and patronization of Principal of DAV College, Dr. B.C JosanProf. Ravinder Chaudhary, Prof. Ravinder Dogra and Prof. Sumita Bakshi, all three Prof. In-charges.


The president of NavSankalp, Dhananjay Mumick, spoke to parents of the patients and received the blessings from them.

The show ended by some wise and notable words by Shri Ajit Balaji and by Dr. B.C. Josan, Principal, DAV College. Undoubtedly, the NavSankalpians work hard and put in all of their effort to save lives everyday.

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