Navsankalp Day celebrated in DAV 10


‘Navsankalp day’ was celebrated in DAV College, Sector 10 today , to mark the Ninth anniversary of the founding of Navsankalp , a student run NGO. Founder teacher, Mr. Ashok Kumar was also present on this occasion. People from an old age home were invited as special guests. Beginning of the event was marked by the lightening of Deep shikha by the panel members and the guests of honour. This was followed by the cake cutting ceremony, to mark the ocassion of  birthday of Mr. Ashok Kumar which was on 1st  November. Members of Navsankalp gave various poetry, dancing and singing performances. Gifts and hand made cards were presented to the guests. People from Old age home danced on the beats of the retro music and enjoyed themselves completely. Refreshments were provided to all at the end of the event. It was an occasion of   great happiness for all the navsankalpians and was celebrated with full zeal and zest.

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