Navsankalp Celebrates Decade Of Helping Needy With Their Alumni


How well we all are now aware of this blue army who has been helping innocent souls for the past ten years! Yes, Navsankalp celebrated it’s 10th foundation day on 14th November, 2016 at Mini Auditorium of DAV College, Sector-10. It was founded on 2nd of November, 2006 by Dr. Harpriya Kaur; who was also present in the occasion. Due to the loss of one of their dearest members, Rahul Sharma, the celebrations were postponed to a further date and his presence was missed profoundly.

However, Sankalpians stood by the saying, “To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own” and gathered up to celebrate the ten years of hard work, love and lives saved, with the senior citizens from old age home of Sector-15, Chandigarh.

Photo-Credit: Tanvi Gawri (DAV College 10)

Photo-Credit: Tanvi Gawri (DAV College 10)

The celebration began with the lunch where the guests from old age home and Sankalpians sat and ate together; a meet which was worth experiencing. This was followed by the impact full speech by Dr. Umesh Vinayak, who shared the story of his journey in NavSankalp. The other teachers associated with NavSankalp, namely Mrs. Rosy Ahluwalia, Mrs. Sumita Bakshi and Mrs. Baljeet were also present there.

The members performed on peppy Bollywood songs, Bhangra, Naati and the music performance by Nitin Bakshi(member) made each Sankalpian sing along. With some games like tongue twister and dares to perform, the foundation day refreshed the members to work in the same manner with some more avidity to save multiple lives. Dhananjay Mumick, the President of NavSankalp, also came up, motivating the members as always.

Photo-Credit: Tanvi Gawri (DAV College 10)

Photo-Credit: Tanvi Gawri (DAV College 10)

And what is a celebration without a cake? This blue army cut the cake in the end and took a Sankalp to keep the zeal, the passion and love alive to be shared with the ones who badly need it. With a group picture and lots of fun, recreation and dance; the celebration ended splendidly.

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