Navsankalp: Another Life Saved And Served

Navsankalp is a Non-Profit Organisation formed by the students of DAV College, Sector 10, Chandigarh to help critically ill children who cannot afford treatment for their serious ailments. In past years, Navsankalp has emerged as a paramount name in the field of social service. On April 26, 2017 Chandigarh witnessed another donation ceremony given by this organization to a 9-year old girl suffering from paralysis. The event took place in the Mini-Auditorium of DAV College at around 1:00 in the noon.
The chief guest of the occasion was Jaspreet Kaur, a 9-year-old girl who could not grace the occasion with her presence because she was undergoing the treatment for her paralysis, which happened due to breakage of her spinal cord. Being the daughter of a daily labour, she was not fortunate enough to afford the expensive treatment. However, under the blessing of God this young soul flounder in such agony, came under Navsankalp’s heed.
To give a fresh meaning to Jaspreet’s life, the organisation donated a sum total of 45,000 rupees for her treatment. This staggering donation was made in the presence of Dr B.C. Josan, the Principal of DAV College and Dr Nilesh, who is the in charge of Jaspreet’s treatment.
With the present session coming to an end, the former office bearers took this initiative to pass the torch to their successors. In the small ceremony organised by Navsankalp, all the recruited volunteers were adulated and were awarded a certificate for their assiduous efforts.
The newly appointed Vice President of the NGO, Gaurav Kamboj, said that he extremely delighted to start his journey with such a noble cause. He also cited that his aim would be to put enough efforts to save at least 20 lives and surpass all the previous records of benevolence and to make sure that no kid dies due to lack of availability of blood.
Till now, Navsankalp has save a total of 153 lives and has made a donation of Rs 55, 00,567 since its inception. It is a Charity Association that empowers the downtrodden and links them with the main stream through financial support. They have taken the onus of serving as many deprived and destitute children as possible through their deeds of charity and they will not leave a single stone un-turned to make someone’s dream reality.

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