The 10th Annual National Conference on “Thermodynamics of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and
Biological Systems” organized by the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
(UIPS) in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, Panjab University
(PU),Chandigarh was continued in the Golden Jubilee Conference Hall in the University
Campus Today, 9:00 a.m. onwards.

The valedictory session started at 3:30 p.m. where Professor Renu Chadha, Organizing
Secretary, tabled the brief report of the two-day National Conference.

Professor K K Bhutani, Director NIPER, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. In his
address, he highlighted the importance of thermodynamics in modern scientific and
technological era.

Professor Harkishan Singh, Emeritus Professor, Panjab University, Chandigarh, in words
of wisdom congratulated the organizers at the successful organization of this
collaborative conference venture on a very significant and timely topic.

Professor Rakesh Tuli, Adjunct Professor & Former Director, NABI, and the Guest of Honor
at the occasion, stated thermodynamics as the corner stone for any scientific discovery
especially in unearthing the mechanistic of various biological/biochemical processes.

Professor D. V. S. Jain, Founder President, The Indian Thermodynamic Society (ITS),
expressed immense satisfaction in the successful organization of the conference and
dissemination of the latest breakthroughs in the world of thermodynamics.

Professor P. Venugopalan (Convener), proposed the vote of thanks.

The entire function was presided over by Professor O. P. Katare, Director, Research
Promotion Cell of Panjab University.

Earlier, Professor Bhupinder Singh Bhoop, Conference Chair and Chairman, UIPS welcomed
all the guests and the delegates to the valedictory session.

The valedictory session concluded by felicitations and presenting awards. On this
occasion, Dr Sinjan Choudhary from University of Mumbai, was conferred the Professor
Shanti Lal Oswal Award by the Indian Thermodynamic Society (ITS).

Earlier, the day started with an enlightening talk by Professor Kaman Singh from
University of Lucknow on the Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters of Crystallisation of
Sucrose. He further laid emphasis on the neutron diffraction data and transport property
of the sucrose.

Professor Nand Kishore from IIT, Mumbai, dwelt about the role of calorimetry in protein
chemistry and rational drug designing. He shared his knowledge about protein folding
mechanisms and interaction of proteins with solvents.

Professor Sunil Nath from IIT, Delhi, delivered a lecture on Direct Imaging and analysis
of ATP-hydrolysing myosin molecular motors involved in muscle contraction and actin
motility. The Chairman for the third session was Professor Surjit Singh.

The fourth session started post tea with a talk by Professor Amlendu Pal, Kurukshetra
University, who demonstrated the presence of the electrostatic and hydrophobic
interactions between the ions of ionic liquids and head groups of the surfactants.

Professor M R Yadav from MSU, Vadodara, gave an outline about the concept of molecular
modeling and its techniques used to increase the speed and efficiency in the drug
discovery process. He also discussed about the molecular modeling driven experiments
conducted in his own lab.

Post-lunch, Dr Sinjan Choudhary from University of Mumbai, presented an inquisitive talk.

Professor T S Banipal, Director Research, from GNDU, Amritsar, showed insights into the
forces and interactions responsible for the stability of biomolecules through
physicochemical studies. He also gave a brief outlook on denaturation of lysozomes. The
Chairman for the fourth session was Professor Nand Kishore. The Chairman of the various
sessions discussed their views on the scope and growth of thermodynamics society.

In addition to scientific deliberations from noted speakers, there were 200 poster and
oral presentations on various themes related to thermodynamics.


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