‘Naam Shabana’: Taapsee Plays Her Strength

Released on March 31st, the spin-off of the prequal to the 2015 movie ‘Baby’, ‘Naam Shabana’ shifts the onus of the story onto the shoulders of Taapsee Pannu (Shabana Khan) as the main character. And while Taapsee is seen playing her strongest side in the movie, whether the heart-wrenching effect of ‘Pink’ is found in ‘Naam Shabana’ is what you call a dilemma.
What’s in the story for you?
‘Naam Shabana’ traces the journey of a Mumbai college girl Shabana Khan. She represents her college in Kudo and has a wish to represent India in sport. Real to reel, the past of Shabana revolves around violence meted out to her mother, and thus she ends up being in juvenile center for murdering her father and freeing her mother of the struggle. She is seen fighting another phase of life, wherein her lover (played by Taher Shabbir Mithaiwala as ‘Jai’) is killed while saving Shabana of eve-teasing.  This and an offer from the Indian Intelligence Service makes her join the Indian Intelligence. Followed from here, the story of making of a spy takes the script for a ride. You will find yourself tracing the struggle of the Indian Intelligence to nab a person who deals in illegal trade of arms and human trafficking. And to ask what is different, you get an ace actress, Taapsee Pannu in addition to the acting finesse of Akshay Kumar and Anupama Kher. How they finally kill the smuggler, Mikhail and end his illegal empire completes the story.
·         Taapsee Pannu as ‘Shabana Khan’
·         Manoj Bajpai as ‘Ranvir Singh’
·         Prithviraj Sukheman as ‘Mikhail’
·         Akshay Kumar as ‘Ajay Singh Rajput’
·         Anupam Kher as ‘Om Prakash Shukla’
·         Danny Denzoungpa as ‘Feroz Ali Khan’
The Flip Side:
1.) The movie depicts women-empowerment in a strong way, yet it does not choke you of it.
2.) The script is engaging.
3.) If you are the fan of Akshay Kumar-Anupama Kher jodi, you can’t say no to this starrer.
The Flop Side:
1.) You will feel that the script is dragged in some scenes, just for the sake of covering up for the running time.
2.) The end of the movie is predicable as its sequel, ‘Baby’ had already released in 2015.
This movie will take you through a making of spy in non-fictitious circumstances. If not anything else, it will make you respect the intelligence officers who work in the background for public safety without any rewards or recognition. Much with patriotic arousal, ‘Naam Shabana’ is that one time risk that you got to take if you are in binge movie-watching!


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