My love left me too soon!


When we wake up every day, hardly do we ponder upon the ways of staying happier each moment. Yes, my life was full of happiness with the presence of that one girl. Some of us might be aware of that one feeling which a presence of a single person can make. She was one of the reasons why I’d been happy.

That one girl would even make my heart race, sometimes. She’d never push me away, while I hugged her. She was always so calm. For me, her cuteness was above all. She was the one, for whom I could run all the way. We were the best team of a photographer and a super-model. She was my beautiful model and I, her photographer. To be precise that was our whole 5 years together.


The very thought of meeting her wasn’t enough for me. Every day, I wanted more of her. The memories that I cherish the most are all the moments that we had shared together. The times when I laughed, cried, ran, fell down and loved. The memories of us being together were, love. Yes, I truly did love her and so did my whole family.


Aren’t memories funny? The memories that make you laugh can also make you cry at some point of time. That’s how it is. But ironically, after losing her I didn’t cry, not even a bit. I became a diamond hearted (something that can never be broken or shamed) from a stone hearted person. The only two times when I cry are, while going to the place where she died and just right now, as I write.


She was dead. The love of my life was dead.


Foolish me, who didn’t even know how badly sick she was, and that she had to die. Apparently, I was laughing at the fact that she was dead. I couldn’t believe it. Although, I have always had the fear of losing the loved ones, but that fear never became a reality until she left. She should have told me that, she was sick and that she was in pain. Foolish me, I should have known.

She left me so soon. My best friend, my Saira, more than just my pet dog, had left. She was the child, born in front of me and who grew in front of me. That poor child left too early. She was not just a pet, but the most passionate living being I ever came across. I loved her the way she did and it’s hard to accept that Saira left me so soon!


For the rest of us, we have a little time to cherish the loved ones. Let’s not resort to fights, and just get better at loving each other whole-heartedly. Life is all about loving. Give as much love as you can, be happy and get loved. Have that one person at least, whom you can hold close to your heart. Someone, who gets angry at you, someone who can take care of you, someone you most importantly puts their faith in you. Spread love, Embrace love!

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Ridha Dhawan (MCM College 36)

Ambivert. Alien. Sometimes bold. Sometimes cute. In love with books, coffee and nature. The girly tom-boy, exploring her potential.


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