My Idea Of An Independent India


Where merit has over reservation an edge,

No matter what caste, gender, region.


Where students can exercise their right to freedom of speech and opinion,

Without their ‘disagreement’ being mistaken for ‘disrespect’. Where there are no disputes and conflicts,

Between two similar individuals,

Just because 

they’re still slave,

To religion.


Where unconditional love doesn’t come with a list of terms and conditions and clauses,

And LGBTQ isn’t a separate community.

And people don’t exchange furtive glances at their mention.

Where people can marry of their own free will,

Feeling free, fleeing not required;

And where honour killings aren’t a thing.

Because what honour in killing own offspring?

No female foeticide!


Where body shaming and slut shaming aren’t normal talk even among pals,

Where every individual is free enough to eat, drink, wear whatever they’re comfortable with;

Without their cellulite to bother.


Where girls can linger about their own country,

fearing not rape, eve teasing or molestation;

Dressing up, roaming about desolate roads, any oddly hour.

Making male friends without fearing judgement or being labelled a slut.


Where girls can freely say ‘No’,

Without the guy considering it a threat to his ego or manliness,

And without her being a slave—

To guilt, and blame, and shame.


Where periods are not mentioned with a period,

And people stop pretending of never having heard,

When it’s no more a disease,

And girls aren’t treated like untouchables,

and can freely cook and worship;



Happy Independence Day, India!

But are we really free?

About the Author:

Gaurangi Gupta (DAV College 10)

A writer and poet, currently pursuing psychology honours. I love to watch Netflix and to read as much as I can. The goal is to never stop learning, because that’s when we hinder improvement and growth.
I also sing and play guitar and I’m an automobile enthusiast. Weaving words empowers me and helps me communicate my ideas with people and help them gain a perspective which challenges their own.




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