Must Watch List Of Latest And Upcoming Patriotic Movies


The need to relax from daily activities is a must and the most favourite and desirable mode for relaxation is to watch movies in cinema hall with mouth-watering popcorns. The icing on the cake is if that movie is inspiring and arouses a feeling of love for our nation. So, here’s a list of some latest and upcoming patriotic movies which ought not to be skipped.

  1. RAZI



Being a spy is not an easy task; hiding your real identity and risking your life at every step. This thriller portrays the story of an Indian spy portrayed by the versatile actress Alia Bhatt married to a Pakistani military officer prior to Indo-Pakistani war of 1971, who on the orders of her father then tries to uncover information relating to a possible attack on Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant.

Director Meghna Gulzar did justice to Harinder Sikka’s novel “CALLING SEHMAT” (Sehmat is name of the Indian woman spy) making this real-event-based movie a big hit which was released on 11th May, 2018 .


Not everyone has the passion to uplift, achieve or sacrifice for their nation, leaving behind no stone unturned for the success of their nation’s mission. But this story of Pokhram brings out the unsung heroes of a nuclear bomb test explosion experiment conducted by Indian army at Pokhram in 1998, under President APJ Abdul Kalam and PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It unveils the failures and facts of this mission which put India on the list of global nuclear superpower.

  1. GOLD


Do you love cricket? The answer to this, of of course, is YES. WHAT ABOUT HOCKEY, OUR NATIONAL GAME? Hockey is gaining momentum for last few months and this historic game will make us fall in love with hockey, detailing how our hockey team won the first Olmpic medal for India as a free nation on 12th August,1948 fighting against all odds. Akshay Kumar, the most versatile actor, can be seen in a new role and a new look in this movie which will be releasing on 15th August.

So don’t miss this epic movie.


The awe-inspiring story of triumph of willpower, passion, hard work, determination, dedication this movie will teach us that nothing can act as a barrier in achieving your goal for your country

“RISING LIKE PHEONIX FROM THE ASHES”. Sandeep Singh stood up again after getting paralyzed and using wheelchair for 2 years, after an accidental gun-shot hurt him in 2006. True to the movie’s tagline ‘THE GREATEST COMEBACK STORY OF HOCKEY LEGEND SANDEEP SINGH’, it shows the comeback of Sandeep to international hockey after 2 years in 2008, and winning SULTAN ASLAN SHAH CUP under his captaincy in 2009

You will miss something great if you miss this one on 13th July 2018, starring Pollywood king Diljit Dosanjh.


LAST but not the least, Paltan is hitting the theatres on September 7. It is a war story by J P Dutta, based on 1967 Nathu La and Cho La INDO-CHINA military clashes that took place along the Sikkim Border

Hope this movie will also be a big hit like his other directions: Border, Refugee, LOC Kargil, and Umrao Jaan.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some pop corns and let these movies take your patriotic fervour a notch higher.

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