Murder on the Orient Express- Keeps you wondering till the very end!


(Don’t worry! No spoilers for this mystery movie!)

Agatha Christie has always won our hearts by her distinct writing style and this movie is a well-suited adaptation to her much celebrated novel “Murder on Orient Express”. Hercule Poirot, the Belgian Detective is played wonderfully by Kenneth Brangah, and Johnny Depp as Mr Ratchet further engages the audience.  

Poirot decides to take a few days off from his hectic detective life on a lavish train, “Orient Express” whose director is a friend of his. Engrossed in Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, he was hoping for a relaxing vacation. But, mysteries and murders never leave, our dear friend Hercule alone.

The time of avalanche not only brings the train to a halting stop, but also Ratchett’s life; who was found murdered in his cabin. And hence, Poirot’s retreat is cut short. He must interrogate the people on the train, decipher the clues and find out the murderer.  The clues are less, and everyone seems a suspect. If you aren’t familiar with the book, you will be kept on the edge of your seat. The film manages to keep the killer, under wraps till the very end. The final reveal occurs in a very Hercule Poirot fashion, if I may say so myself, full of drama and grandeur.

Brangah, though has almost no physical similarities to the description of Poirot in the novel, except the moustache, is still loved by the audience.  But unfortunately, the character development with such an incredible cast was below-average. The audience therefore has a hard time relating or feeling for anyone aboard the train.

The camera captures the essence of the movie in an aesthetically pleasing way, and leaves the audience gaping at the wonderful cinematography.

The question is if you have read the book, is it worth a watch? The answer is, if you are a fan of Agatha Christie, you shouldn’t miss this.  It’s a onetime watch though and does not ignite the same feelings as the novel does neither is at par with the 1974 version of this movie.  But it is still an entertaining watch!

The final scene as the movie ends, cuts to Poirot getting off the train and being invited to solve the murder in Egypt which invariably hints to another possible movie adaptation in the future of Agatha’s mystery, Death on the Nile.

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