Ms. Paroma Bhattacharya Graces GGDSD’s Press Day Celebration, Inspires Young Minds


On the occasion of National Press day, GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh organized a one day workshop on November 16th with the centre of discussion being ‘Sensitization and social issues’. The event was graced by Ms. Paroma Bhattacharya, Media head for Kailash Satyarthi’s Foundation, an organisation that has been fighting for Children’s Rights for about a decade now. The occasion was also attended by the principal of GGDSD College, Dr. Bhushan K. Sharma; Registrar, Dr. Balraj Thapar; HOD, Journalism, Dr. Priya Chadha and Professor Divyajyoti Randev.

The event started with a warm welcome by the students of Journalism Department to Ms. Bhattacharya followed by the formal launch of the magazines, Expressions and Expressions 2, the magazines created and designed by the students of Journalism and PGDMC. As the event elevated, several elucidations were made on the dark side of Journalism in the present spectrum of time, throwing light on the harsh reality that media today refuses to acknowledge the issues that are in dire need of help. Issues like child labour, women objectification, child trafficking etc are left to be languished, thus expanding their tentacles deep within the society.

Ms. Paroma Bhattacharya also shared her experiences and anecdotes from her early days that left everybody speechless and greatly moved. She also mentioned how ‘thought’ these days is missing from reporting and how compassion is something that needs to flourish in our society. She ended her dialogue with a pledge which was joined by everybody present in the room, in which they promised to be unbiased, fair and compassionate while reporting.  This one-to-one conversation gave the students a much-needed sneak-peak into the life of a reporter and also showcased what a person who is determined to bring a change can do. Bhavika Sharma, an attendee said, “It was an altogether different experience for me to hear such a profound journalist who knows in and out about the field of journalism and feels the need to find something significant out of the simplest of aspects.

After the speech, Ms. Paroma was kind enough to answer some curious students. She had many inspiring stories up her sleeve which gave an insight into the real and brutal world we live in today and how we need to act as catalysts in bringing about a significant change in the society.

The event ended on a jubilant note with the students elated to witness such an inspiring journalist showing them the right way in the field of media and journalism

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