MS Dhoni: The Untold Rise of a Star


So, the wait has finally come to an end for all those fans, who had been eagerly waiting for the movie. The past few months had my timeline full of people either eulogizing him and well, a few, rather oblivious or just pretending to be so but then, this Friday, it all came to an end.

Of course, this is just a movie, but you can swear you are going through the same emotions and excitement you feel when watching a similar scene unfolding on your TV screen in a real match. Sushant Rajput already looks the part. There is a full house at the theater chanting “Dhoni Dhoni”, creating a stadium-like atmosphere. Excited, you buckle in for the ride.

And then it moves to his childhood and finally, *the Untold Story* (for those who haven’t read his biopic, like me, begins).

His journey commences as a hardworking, athletic child, brought up in a humble setting, whose focus is to do well in sports but his dad (Anupam Kher – just like his role in Bend it Like Beckham) wants his child to focus on studies, rather than spending all time on the field.

The rather small nitty gritties in the life keeps you enraptured in the little child’s journey.

Leaving the exam centre, half an hour before time and being in the train at the time, the rest of the class concludes their test, depicts the grit and determination towards his sport.

We also see humility in MS Dhoni, who is ready to learn from anyone without letting his ego come in between (Helicopter Shot)

With time, we can bring into perspective, why is he called Captain Cool, whatever the situation in his life might be, instead of shouting, screaming and blaming everyone else for the flaws, he isolates himself for a while and comes back ready to face the challenges again, be it when he lost a crucial match, lost the chance to participate in Dalip Trophy or lost his fiancée in an accident.

We see a diligent son and person who along with playing Cricket, does a job so as to keep his father satisfied, ducking all the bouncers in his life.

The second part focuses more on Dhoni’s personal and love life, to the disappointment of many of the viewers, there was losing of interest at some instances but then again, it was about the *Untold Story*, whereas the matches are very well known to everyone but well, we could expect a tad more focus on Dhoni’s life as a Cricketer, the transition as the captain, rather incessant focus on his love life and advertisements.

Overall, I believe the movie could have been a little shorter but then all the subtleties highlighted, the genuineness of the characters in the background which adds to Sushant’s performance at the centre—be it Anupam Kher as his reticent father, or Rajesh Sharma as quirky coach Banerjee.

Kudos to Sushant Singh Rajput for totally gelling in the roll of Dhoni, be it the gait, demeanor or even how to properly hold the bat, to make everything look real and life like. Five stars to his performance.

Both Kiara and Disha look spectacular as the supporting ladies and Herry Tangri totally takes the cake with his brief stint as Yuvraj.

The movie draws an emotional connect with the audience at various scenes, especially at the last scene when India wins the world cup. It is to Pandey’s credit that he also forces a few tears to be dropped for the supporting cast of Dhoni’s life—not just the family and friends but the faceless, selfless supporters who left everything behind to watch him hit the ball—“Mahi maar raha hai”. He seems to have hit yet another six with the film.

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