Mr. KESAR SINGH – Guard in IT department (Punjab University security staff)


Can you imagine spending more than 30 years of your life in one place and one job??? Well, here’s a man who’s done it and is still going strong! Mr. Kesar Singh works as a guard in the IT Department of Punjab University. A man of principles, he believes that parent’s  prime duty is to get their children educated well whether he is a rich or poor. Holding fast to his high ideals, he educated both his daughters so that one of them is working in the military while the other is well-settled in Italy. Having given 36 years of his life to this institution, he takes pride to be associated with it and is grateful for whatever he has recieved so far.

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titiksha jain

Titiksha Jain (MA English, PU Campus)

She’s pursuing M.A. in English and Cultural studies from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Her other interests are travelling, writing, cooking and animals


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