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Gazab ! Dadi kasam. Thugs of Hindostan; a ‘Yash Raj Production’ film directed by V.K Acharya is a first of its kind to collect 50cr on the day of its opening. The film is budgeted over 200cr, starring top shots of Bollywood; Amitabh Bacchan, Amir Khan, Katrina Kaif and Fatima Sana Sheikh. With its visual effects, fighting scenes and songs it stands on the pedestal to be called a Hollywood level film. However, views of critics and the audience briefly highlight certain lacunas which will be taken up towards the end of this article.

The fiction revolves around the era of 18th century, when India began to drown in the hot water of British Raj and slavery. Khudabaksh Jahazi (Amitabh Bacchan) Zafira (Fatima) are onto a mission to avenge death of Zafira’s father at the hands of Jhon Clive, a British officer. And to catch them, British Officers heir a man of artful character; Firangi, played by Amir Khan, who has done it in a way no one else could have. Character of Firangi is a highly mercurial one who can’t ever be deciphered by anyone. He is treacherous and betraying on one hand & patriotic, honest one, on other.  In reality, he is the one who influences the whole plot of the movie and everything happens as per his manipulation of the situation. He is funny especially with his ‘Dadi Kasam’ phrase (his ‘Dadi’ doesn’t exist anymore. Glee! ) Firangi is the one guy who has a major role in engaging the audience with the whole film.

Talking of songs and visual effects, I think the makers have poured in some real effort here. The famous ‘Suraiyya’ song (Suraiyya; the character played by Katrina Kaif) had 80 draft versions before releasing the final one. The beauty of this song lies in the fact that it is a fusion of Jazz and Indian Classical music which has established a standard for the upcoming Bollywood music. Katrina Kaif’s dance on this song is no less than Olympics level aerobics. The visual effects were good too. A certain bit of the film has been shot at the famous isolated cave beach of Thailand.

Despite of starring great actors, and shooting in foreign nation, there was something about the movie that invited criticism from the critics and the audience and it was the script. The title; ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ gives us an idea of a non- fiction film that talks about thugs during the British raj that led to the formation on Intelligence department in India. The film is a fiction, and it hardly reflects anything to be called; Thugs of Hindustan. I personally relate this movie with DC or Marvel comic series. Yash Raj studious can think of it though.

Indian films like Thugs of Hindustan   hold a special place in Indian cinema. These movies infuse the spirit of patriotism and national unity in the country and keep the past of British Raj alive which was cause of divisions among us.  Handwork of actors and directors is eyely in the film, which in my perspective makes the film worth watching. I’d give it 3 out 5 overall. So go the theaters, and bless yourself with the bliss of Thugs of Hindustan.  

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