While she was on the hospital’s bed,

My dad told me she was all numb in her head.

She wanted her baby to be healthy and fit,

She wanted no complications in it.

As soon as she took me in her arms, dad say,

She said for you I was waiting the whole day.

You’re the answer to my prayers, my love.

My letters to god have reached through the dove.

She said to dad that she will let me be myself,

No bounds, no cages only herself!

She will grow knowing all the values that we abide,

But will not be forced to follow them with an uncertain pride.

She will see things herself, she will learn from her own mistakes,

Never will we serve her the batters that we bake.

She will be the master of her life,

With it, she is allowed to experiment everything in her sight.

She can wish to become a pilot and fly,

She even can sit home if she wants and marry a guy.

She can be as chubby as she wants to be,

We won’t determine body rules for her, to be followed without any plea.

She is our daughter and our responsibility is to let her be,

Be the master of her faith, the angel of her life and the guardian of her problems.

She is the only person she owes answers to,

Nobody else can fool her in the name of morals and respect she needs to follow too.

We will love her all by our hearts,

We will kill the guy who tries to to do so with our darts!

No one will teach her to follow them as we do,

She is her responsibility and we will teach her how to make her stand in a crew.

Above all, she will be our princess for rest of the life we live,

All our love, all our care are for her that we will give.

We wish for her shining future and

Glowing with love and happiness is how she will be nurtured.

Our angel will make us swell with pride,

And get to decide her own date to be a bride.

And she will never be forced to do anything her heart doesn’t abide.

One day being parents like this for her will make her happy and gay,

She will proudly say,

That they are my parents,

The one’s who never ordered me do behave in a particular way!


Vanshika Taank – Gargi College,DU


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