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For as long as I can recall, the only thing that excited me about Diwali were the lights and the process of making a Rangoli; I was never the fire-cracker driven kid somehow.

Placing heaps of dyed powder in carefully drawn compartments on the floor was something stirring. Then used to come the lip-smacking rewards in all shapes (mostly round), glistening with sweet syrup and sprinkled with crushed sugar. But this glorious festival didn’t always continue to hold the same meaning all these years; the meaning evolved.

Today, Diwali for me is a beautiful conglomeration of untangling fairy lights, sweet-meat shopping, gift wrapping, welcoming relatives and family friends with the warmest smile on my face, saying the term ‘Happy Diwali’ more than two hundred times and meaning it. It even means making little cousins sit in a circle and narrating the celebrated story of good over evil, seeing the light of the diyas match the wonder in their eyes, and being grateful for all that I have. Diwali is a time of acknowledgement, a time of realisation and a time of unflinching positivity.

What truly brings alive the spirit of Diwali is its ability to bind everyone together. Everyone in India celebrates Diwali. It brings us together as a nation, regardless of our caste, religion, class or creed. People make merry conversations over food and drinks, under a sky decked with uninterrupted fire cracker sessions.

If I speak for the youth today, I feel that the country’s current situation has been clouded by battles over caste and religion. The scenario may seem gloomy. But it has occurred at a time when the entire nation gathers together to illuminate itself, with a glimmer of hope. Diwali is not just a festival; it is our liberator. Once again and always, people will leave their worries and prejudices behind and gather in the streets to light candles and grin with the joy, of this grand festival of lights.

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Samreen Chhabra (MCM DAV 36)

Samreen Chhabra
(MCM DAV 36)

20! English honours. Logolept.
Seeks soulful delight in entwining imagination and words. Exhales poetry!  Invests sincere interest in Dramatics. Travel to unravel~


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