Moments When Courtney Cox& Jennifer Aniston Gave Us Friendship Goals As Rachel & Monica


Even before the hashtag #friendshipgoals were used, Rachel and Monica both proved to be giving serious friendship goals in our favorite T.V. series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They proved to be each other’s constant support in good times as well as bad.



  • Being there for each other during every important moment – From being together at school prom to Rachel’s first job, Monica’s wedding to Rachel’s baby. They have been always a constant support to each other in all the good as well as bad moments. Not just in bigger moments, they have been there for each other, listening to each other’s talks all the time.
  • There is nothing better than having lifelong friends – They have been together from school. They have been together for each other’s awkward moments. From the ‘some girl ate Monica’ (heavy weight Monica) to Rachel’s pre-nose job, they have been together.
  • A sign of a strong friendship is liking and disliking the same people-  Even if not, supporting each other and also not being afraid to admit each other’s flaws.



  • Being there for each other even during the worst – Even when Monica was not invited to her childhood friend Rachel’s wedding. She welcomed her to the new world with utmost joy and supported her in her bad times.


  • Getting all jealous when Rachel thought she was losing Monica to Julie- When Ross started dating Julie, Monica started getting along Julie. All that Rachel could think, was that once she could lose Ross but not Monica.
  • Supporting each other in crazy ideas-  We have to add even Phoebe in this one. While being depressed with life, can anyone come up with a better idea than dressing up as brides and enjoying the feeling of the best day of their life coming true?


  • Letting each other take your decisions- Remember, when Rachel made Monica her decision-maker, especially of her love life as she thought she was terrible at it?


  • Getting over guys – They both have been a constant support for each other, be it Rachel getting over Ross and Monica getting over Richard.


  • Giving each other medications even at times we hate- Rachel had a phobia of anything touching her eyes. When she was having eye infection, Monica pinned her down and put eye drops in her eyes.
  • Letting Rachel keep the name Emma – Since Monica was 14, she knew that she wanted her daughter to be named Emma. But when she loved her BFF more, she let Rachel’s baby have that name.  


They both proved to be each other’s BFF! I hope everyone has a friendship like theirs in life!

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