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Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has surely done a great deed by rolling out demonitization as he tried to ensure that corruption vanishes from India. With that, the scandals taking place may come to an end; but what an irony that no one has seen a Minister, MLA or their employees in the line outside the banks trying to exchange their notes! In fact, the PM himself was busy with Shinzo Abe the next day. Does this mean that all the black money was owned by the regular man working day and night for his family? Let us just say that taking this step would have been very beneficial if had been told before.(Ding Ding! We understand the warnings.)

Though we have plenty of world leaders patting India for taking such a bold move, the various incidents taking place are actually creating the chaos in the country. A girl taking off her shirt just to get in the front of the queue and withdraw money, how shameful it is for our country where women are compared to the goddess. People are dying at the private hospitals as they have refused to accept the old currency. And the fact is that you can’t even blame the bank staff. Look at the situation of the bank employees’ working day and night to serve the people of the country. A 45 year old cashier, working for State Bank of India died of heart attack, while failing to cope up with the rush to exchange the demonetized bank notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination. More sadly the ones hungry for dowry would starve now as it has been announced that you can only withdraw 2.5 lakh for the wedding.

This may lead to a better India but for the time being it has created a lot of chaos amongst the people. Salman Khurshid has gone to the limit to say, “Anyone who questions the government is being labeled a traitor or an irresponsible person”.

Just an advice to make India a better place, Mr. Prime Minister must think more precisely about the benefits of a common man rather than troubling them in such a way. A common man never wanted changes where he had to leave all his works and stand in such long queues to exchange money. It’s an urgent need to make India better but working on such short notice may lead to disinterest of the common man.

People have been tweeting all over, Vatsal another common man says, “We support the drive from our government and our respected PM Shri Narendra Modi ji to address the black money menace”. He adds, “All vendors, shop keepers, railway ticket counters at stations, hospitals, medicine shops, taxis/cabs/autos and all organisations (private/public/NGO) need to be enforced to provide cashless payment options using debit card/net banking/mobile banking/credit card/check”, to avoid the inconvenience. Making India a ‘Digital India’ and starting up the ‘Swaach Bharat Abhiyan’ might be beneficial for a common man but bringing up a whole new sudden change does trouble him rather than making his living peaceful.

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Raahat Sarpal (SD College 32)

Raahat Sarpal
(SD College 32)

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