Mobile Users: Do You Think You Have It All?


The usage of mobile phones is growing day by day and the reason behind this is the plethora of apps (abbreviation for applications) which are responsible for keeping a man glued to his phone. Apps have become an imperative aspect of our lives. From cooking recipes to maths equations, technologists have very shrewdly developed applications which grab our attention. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook , Snapchat were the most used apps of 2017, mainly because these are easy to use, fun and at the top notch they are the  social networking sites which keep us in touch with the whole world.

However, apart from these “social-media platform” apps, there are few apps which are a MUST have for everyone (specifically students):

  1. Duolingo: The duolingo app is a language learning app. Remember those French classes that you wanted to take but could not because they were either too expensive or too time consuming ? Well, this app gives an opportunity to learn any language of your choice at zero cost. Also not much time is wasted in commuting from one place to another. Learning a foreign language without any guidance is actually a very daunting task. But when you successfully complete it, it acts as the highlight of your CV.

  2. The Hindu: ‘The Hindu’ is one of India’s most reputed newspapers. Students preparing for competitive exams are advised to  read this newspaper daily. Now, for many of us students, newspaper reading is a Herculean task. Some of us don’t have the time while some of us are not very interested in reading newspapers. And this app solves both these problems. Firstly, you receive instant notifications of any news from around the world. Secondly, with this app you can carry a newspaper in your pocket all the time and read it when you want to. Thirdly and most importantly, for those who find newspaper reading boring, they might actually take some interest when news has to be read from their very beloved mobile phones.

  3. Resume: No sooner do students step into their college lives than they are encumbered with the task of building their resumes. Making an impressive CV is both consequential and a complex job for a layman. This app is highly recommended for those for want to learn how to make a CV.

  4. Hi Translate: A grim reality of today’s times is that youngsters have lost touch with their mother tongue. As a result, they are unable to write or even read what is written in Hindi. ‘Hi Translate’ translates not only to Hindi but any other local or foreign language. That’s not even the best part- there is no hassle of “cut, copy, paste” rather any text can be translated by simply clicking on it.

  5. Health: It’s highly ironic how apps have been designed to make you a fitness freak when it is these mobile phones that are considered to be detrimental to the health of people. This app does more than one could ask for- keeps a record of heart beat, blood pressure, hours of sleep, menstruation cycle, daily workout, distance covered by foot and a lot more for you to explore. Basically, it’s like carrying a doctor in your pocket which makes this app mandatory for all.

The list of such unique and creative apps is ceaseless. It’s really easy to sit idle and scroll through your Facebook feed, but one feels a lot better when the day is spent doing something productive. Since the phrase has changed to “A phone is a man’s best friend”, let’s ensure that it’s not a friend who pulls you down rather than being the one who assists you in every way possible.

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