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After being criticised by the US government for its highly dodgy and un-trustworthy missions, the IMF was disbanded. Tom Cruise- our Ethan Hunt and the director of CIA, played by Alec Baldwin proclaim Hunt as a fugitive. Hunt, on the run takes it on himself to prove that there really is an organisation called the Syndicate which is basically anti IMF.

The movie is a complex mixture of some witty jokes and great action. To start the movie  Tom Cruise jumps onto a plane to take away deadly warheads and nobody knows where he is disappears in the air while that shot goes on.

Hunt succeeds in his mission by taking help from his former work-mates and the hot Ilsa Faust played by Rebecca Ferguson. Faust herself is an agent of the British intelligence who is deep undercover working with the Syndicate. The sole reason of her being with them is to get back in the intelligence force and her country.

The movie is a good watch to be honest and all the action packed scenes, be it a three minute thrilling underwater mission or the high-speed car and bike chase every moment there holds your thoughts.

Anyhow like any other action movie there are scenes which you will laugh at think of it as an exaggeration, but at the end of the day that makes it and action thriller. The movie leaves you laughing at the end but for you to know the success story behind this mission you’ll have to watch the movie. J

Enjoy the thrilling action packed big screen and get hold of a entertaining two hours to leave you applauding the cinematography.

I would say this movie is a worthy 4 out of 5 and a must watch.


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