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10 reasons to travel this year! They’re all the excuses you need to tell your family and friends and all the reasons to bring out a new you!
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

-St Augustine

In today’s life where a human has to catch a Robotic pace to conform to the standards of his roles and responsibilities, he craves for some rejuvenation. And the most striking way of relaxing is travelling. Well, travelling stems out into various kinds depending upon the route and destination one sets for him. Nevertheless every kind of a journey has something special of its own kind which adds to the experience-shelf of ones life.
Travelling has multi-dimensional aspects and unveils a lot inside a human. Allow me to be your tour guide and show you around.

1)  Jubiliant Travel Plans: Family time is golden time. Travelling bejewls the moments by adding in it the flavour of togetherness and unique experiences. We spot various places and plan a family holiday to spend some quality time together. People also get to get out of their daily schedule and usually travel to the terrain opposite to the one where they live.

2)  When men in Tuxedo travel: People travel by air or train for their business tours or for some meetings or professional work. A person usually stays focused on his aim of travelling and forgets to catch up with the events going around during these trips. The most catchy point about travelling is to open our senses. You’re lucky to travel for work, avail the opportunity and have your share of fun!

3)  To travel is to awaken: If you love driving, then accelerate your car to explore the inner obscure sides of your soul. Yes, when you travel you let the air enter your soul and that lubricates your sensitivity to the world. You begin to find depth and meanings of things, you once had never paid any heed to. It genuinely brings newness to the new cells made in our body. Travelling is meditation.

4)  Foodies should honor travelling: There’s no doubt about the fact that people who have a thing for food love travelling. When you visit a place, you basically amalgamate with trends that place follows. You get tantalizing meals from different cuisines to pamper your taste buds and freshen up your heart.

5)  Travelling is buddy-time: You hone best relationships while you travel. School and college trips set forth the best examples to validate this point. And how can we forget the essence of friendship portrayed beautifully in the movies’ Ye jawani hai Deewani’ and ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’. Those who love camping are the true love of Travelling because they live in the lap of nature away from technology.

6)  Travelling befriends knowledge: Any experience is infinitely rich and deep. Every place teaches you something. Places of historical importance make a paragon of trips. They fill you with something that is invaluable and beautiful. Children are taken to eductional tours so that they gain practical knowledge about the world around.

7)  When in doubt~Travel: When you are down and out, when your mind is wearing warm clothes of perplexities, go catch a bus or board a train. Drive a car or sit in the airbus. Just go. Yes, travelling is the cure of all problems. It has been shown to promote brain health. Research has shown that after a day or two 89% of people feel relaxed and witness a drop in the level of stress. Travelling is one of the favourite dishes of happiness.
You read? You already travel!:

8)  Lens Lovers seek soulular delight in Travelling: If photography is your cup of tea, go capture the scenic beauty around. Flora and Fauna pose impressively to get captured by your DSLRs. Or even cellphone cameras. You can make your way into photography. You can create blogs and eventually witness the boons of travelling in your life.

9)  Stay amiable, collect moments: When you go to a new place, have interactions. Ask them, indulge in conversations. Have deep talks. Learn new things. Gather new experiences. You will come across various perspectives and you’ll realise that how different things hold value in people’s lives in different ways. You attain a sense of maturity.

10)Travelling keeps loneliness at bay: This might sound weird to you, initially, but it’s true. You learn to live alone. You learn to be by yourself. You meet yourself. You befriend yourself and that’s the best thing to do in life. When you become your own best friend, life becomes easier. This time travel alone and feel the difference.

Essentials you must not miss on:
1) Keep comfort over fashion. Keep a pair of sleepers in your bagpack. Keep a swim-suit too. You never know what adventure awaits you.

2) Always be responsible in keeping all your travel docs, your passport, travel insurance, id and related stuff.

3) Be a wise money-planner. Carry your ATM credit cards or debit cards along with the handy cash. Stay alert.

4) Don’t forget to keep your DIGI stuff. Your I-pads, Camera, laptops and other techno-friends. They now occupy an important space in our lives.

5) Keep your first-aid box, important medicines ready.

6) Keep books and games while you travel. They keep monotony at bay. It’s refreshing indeed. UNO, Ludo, cards and so much more! Time to go back to childhood!.

7) Always keep some crunchy-muchy food with yourselves. Biscuits and other snacks are a must.

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Roshni Ahuja (MCM College 36)

Roshni Ahuja (MCM College 36)

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