Might of the Pen

All rays of hope
Had sank to dusk,
Nobody she could find around
Whom she could trust.
Life had taken a dreadful turn
All kith n kin were lost,
She was just left with tears 
In a lonely world of no cost.
But when the sun has set
the glamour of d moon reigns,
So, when d sword has given way
the might of the pen claims.
A nonentity child, soon became famous
As the might of media took power,
Now she was not alone in her despair
Blessings from everywhere began to shower.
The news of the ‘missing child’ spread like fire
As everyone’s ears it could soon hire,
Soon came the shooting star
The much awaited call,
Pierced hearts that wailed in pain
Had finally found their doll!

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By: Ishita Singh (Vellore Institute of Technology)

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