Miasma Of Depression!


Miasma of Depression There is nothing worse than a person on the verge of suicide, being clutched with the feeling of emptiness and extinction of any hope in life.

That is exactly what depression feels like. Put in simple words, depression is an extreme state of sadness and anxiety, persistence of which can lead to grave consequences. Every yea,  this fatal epidemic walks away claiming approximately 135000 Indians, and a vast majority among them is adolescents. It is further saddening that 1 out of every 4 Indian teen is endarkened by this mental disorder. Most of the reasons behind these tormenting stats are relationship issues, failure in studies, exams anxiety and drug addictions.

But still depression is not termed as an illness in India, an overcrowded country with full of people with overcrowded minds, each with a seed of stress sown in their minds just waiting for the chance to grow into a tree. And the farmer watering that seed is our so called “log kya kahenge”. This dialogue has single handedly developed a social stigma towards mental illness resulting in patients not consulting psychologists even in swerve circumstances. Once imprisoned by this disease, the escape becomes rather impossible, particularly in teenage and student life. But maybe, just maybe it is not as difficult.

All it requires is looking into oneself to find the littlest birds of happiness that can build a nest of positivity on all the distress plaguing our lives. No, these are not nerdy techniques of avoiding stress as prescribed by some specialists. In truth these are naught but the littlest things that make up life, a good laugh with a friend, a story or a song with a path stretching away from reality, or may be something as simple as a long relaxing nap.

However, one of the most vital perks necessary to tread the path of life is a company; no one can paddle alone through the everlasting darkness of stress. All they need is a hand stretched with words

“You are not alone, there is no shame in getting help, there is no shame in sharing your problems, and there is no shame in laying down your weapons and taking a break. One day, we have to start living our life instead of surviving it”

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Jaskaran Singh Mudan (GCCBA 50)

A lad who loves traversing through different universes, with a book in his hands – I am a reader. But won’t call myself a writer as it won’t be just for men greater than me.


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