Meraki Day 2: Entertainment Reaches The Zenith


The final day of Meraki 2k18, March 22, 2018, was as much of a success as the first day.

The crowd was even bigger and the experience even better. However what was impressive was the plantation drive being organised by members of Nurture Nature, who had urged the organising team to wear green ribbons as a part of their drive. On a completely different note, Nuture Nature had also installed a ‘Sanitary Napkin donation box’ at the registration desk. It was really refreshing to see someone actually thinking of and doing something for issues that people usually prefer to ignore.
The second day of Meraki consisted of 9 exciting events planned out for the participants.
  • Daur-e-startup 
The first event of the day was a talk for students aspiring to be entrepreneurs. There were 6 speakers
namely Miss Aashna,  the founder of Psychopedia, Mr Praneet Singh,  CEO of Ed quest, Amitoz Singh, the creater of Space Jam, Mr Samar Singla, the mind behind Jugnoo, Miss Rasleen, owner of Cinnamon buns and Mr. Naunihal, owner of Strands, the title sponser for Meraki 2k18. The Chief Guest was Mr. Vishal Sood.  
All of them gave insights to students into the journey of entrepreneurship and the hacks to create a successful start-up. Which can, more or less, be summarized into three points –
– Be self-aware and have a recognizable intention.
– Taking risks and failing is all part of it.
– Don’t give up before trying.
In the words of  Mr. Vishal Sood said, “Entrepreneurship is not about financial profit but about creating value.”
  • Fashion show 
The Fashion show, which is probably the most-awaited event of Meraki, was sponsored by Strands biggest unixes salon in India. The judge for the show were Mrs.Agam, the founder and owner of trimmings and lace  Mrs. Navpreet, Mrs punjab 2017 and Ms Raman Ghai director of strands. Mr Ravinder Singh, Mr Gujarat 2016, was the special guest. And Mr Gurdeep Sharna, Senior Senate syndicate and Senate member of PU,  was the special guest.
There were 39 contestants and one showstopper, who was not to be a part of the competition. The girls had themselves customised and designed their outfits, which was a mixture of ethinic and modern outfits. 
The concept of live music while ramp walking was introduced in MCM this time, with the mind boggling performance by Qissa the band. The zeal with which they played added a whole other air to the fashion show. In fact, there were some members of the crowd who had just come to hear them play live.
After multiple rounds of a tough competition, Jasmine Cheema of BA(3)
was adjudged Miss Meraki and Roopdeep Kaur and Ipshita Jamwal were declared as the first and second runners up respectively.
  • Painting smiles
This event took painting another level. Meraki had a competition of painting t-shirts for charity. The theme was ‘Fantasy’ and the participants indeed proved that imagination has no bounds. The judges of the event were of MCM DAV College, namely, Dr. Pooja Sharma, HoD of Fine Arts Department, Ms.Anju Bala, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Department and Ms. Aarushi Jain, Assistant Professor of Interior Designing And Decoration.There were 15 participants from MCM DAV College and UIET. The organising team played good music for the audience as well as participants to make the atmosphere more mesmerizing. The winners of the event were of MCM DAV College and their names are as follow:-
1. Satvikaa Singh, BA-II
2. Deepika, BA-III
3. Nidhi, BA-II.
The event did paint a lot many  smiles, both on t-shirts as well as on faces.
  • Open mic 
The open mic was managed by Twesha and Simran Khare from organising committee. This was fun based event which was not judged. The stage was open for anybody and everybody.
There were 13 teams in total, from different colleges affiliated to PU, who registered themselves . This event was basically organised to provide platform to students to come with their unexampled talents. Participants used that platform admirably to showcase their talent of singing and yodelling.
  • Hoot for Hulk
It was a fitness based challenge that comprised of three main stages – arm wrestle, plank and pushups with various other activities to be performed by the participants. Devanshu Khanna (MBA-I) of DAV-10 bagged the first prize followed by Piyush, who is also a professional dancer and a graduate from DAV-10. The participants were provided with an ostentatious Meraki certificate while the winners were awarded with certificate and  goodies from Oxizone (shakers and bags) and Creative chocolates.
  • Prime Suspect
This event was an opportunity for the participants to let their inner detectives out and play a little Nancy Drew themselves. There were four teams with four members each. Their task was to solve a murder mystery by finding clues at the murder scene an interrogating the suspects. However, they had to do all of this in just one hour. The winners were  teamAthens prodigies from SD college,team name: STAT investigation from PU stood second and team Tashan FROM PGGC-11 stood third. 
  • Beg borrow steal 
This name is quite familiar, isn’t it? Well, yes, there used to be a show, having the same name on Bindaas channel. And so Athira, Head of Management and Sakshi one of the core team members made this happen in Meraki. There were 18 teams participating from different colleges namely, MCM DAV College, Chandigarh University, GCCBA, and UILS. Each team was given an envelope containing a list of 12 items that were to be begged, borrowed or stolen in duration of 25 minutes. The following teams were declared winner:-
1. GCCBA Sector-50
2. ‎Flemingoes, MCM DAV College For Women
3. ‎Krivya- MCM DAV College For Women.
The participants on the whole appreciated this event a lot as this was something different and a lot of  fun.
  • Turn coat 
Change occurs when thoughts differ‘ and the turncoat was a live example of this. So many people voicing out their opinions on varied topics and changing their coats is what we live for to witness.
The topics varied from pseudo-feminism to should Salman Khan get married? and from  ‘Is Hollywood better than Bollywood’ to ‘Modi v/s Rahul Gandhi’. The audience broke into laughter when Akhil Arora gave his brilliant opinion on the topic, “women create disputes in families”. The judges Dr. Nitasha Khera and Dr. Zeenat Khan had a tough time to choose the best amongst a bunch of talented speakers and finally Girish Gupta from CGC bagged the 1st prize, Mansi from MCM got the 2nd and Akhil Arora managed to the 3rd position.
The prize distribution ceremony commenced in the evening foe honoring the winners of competitions held on both the days. The chief guest for the ceremony was Mr. Devpreet Singh, Director of Radio industry. He delivered a beautiful speech to the audience and urged them to, “learn to say no, but never say no to an opportunity.
The day came to a momentous end with live perfomances by two of the most popular and talented singers from the punjabi entertainment industry, Mr. Gill Ranjodh and Alfaaz. The crowd went berserk with excitement as these two sensational stars performed for them. 
And if that wasn’t enough,  The Enchanted Valley Carnival DJ Diego Miranda braced MCM with great gusto. As soon as he arrived, the girls swooned over the Portugal musical prodigy. He played a variety of songs ranging from Nucleya to the ladies’ favourite Justin Bieber. His presence itself felt remarkable to the crowd, winning their hearts in an instant. The very talented DJ showed his love for India by standing on the stage and waving the Indian tri-colour flag with utmost passion and love. The D2 of Meraki ended with content among the warmed up hearts of the audience that had burnt a lot of calories in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music).
Meraki did make us all wait for a while but it suffices to say that it was worth the wait.

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