Meraki 2k18: What all you need to know!


MCM is back with its lucrative MERAKI – 2k18. The fest takes place on March 21 and March 22, 2018. It has brought various events of different kinds to keep the spectators mesmerized in a spread of two days.

There’s In(quiz)itive : A quiz that is based on three different themes, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Marvel and Dc’ with four rounds. Anybody who thinks that they are confident enough to ace this quiz is cordially invited. A game for the kiddos within us called, ‘Snakes and Ladders’ has been formulated which has life sized snakes and ladder board and dices. You will require to have group of maximum four. ‘Tug of war’ a game of tight ropes requires strength, so find your strongest mates to pull up the rope and win the war. Turncoat, is a unique debate where participants will get to speak on the given topics on the spot for 2.30 minutes. (1 min for speaking “ for the motion” and 1 min for speaking “against the motion” and 30 seconds for concluding it.)

According to Athira Jamwal, a core group member of Meraki- 2k18 says, “MERAKI-2k18 is going to be bigger and better. It’s going to be thrice the fun since it’s going to be hattrick from the MERAKI team.”

One of the highlights, Nukkad Natak also known as street theatre is basically organised for spreading awareness about something The theme of the event is ‘breaking the stereotype‘. An event for die hard foodies to show the power of their hunger is Hog-it-All. Here, the faster you eat the closer you get to victory. Meraki 2k18 also has brought to you a very beguiling fashion show with dazzling divas of MCM embracing the stage on the beats of live music by Qissa – The Band, renowned for delivering an intriguing fusion of indie, classical and rock music. MCMites, known for their style will come with something really unique yet identifiable to break the ongoing rules of fashion with their self designed indo western outfits.

But wait, there’s more, AD Mad (winners get a goddie bag), Comic Strip MakingHoot for hulkDaur-e-startup, Prime Suspect (murder mystery) and many more.

The food and beverages are provided by Lah di dah, crown patisserie (Which is also the official partner for Hog it all. Yummm!), Castle grillRedBull, and Raw Pressery.

The highlight of the event, however, would be the band performance by ‘Parashara Band‘ on the eve of March 21, and the EDM by Dj Diego Miranda on March 22.

The most tedious task for the tean was to bring sponsorships due to the delay of the fest. Getting permissions for flashmobs from various colleges and other venues. Last minute cancellations and fallouts were also taxing. But the team was able to pull through inspite of all the hardships.

 “I did Meraki for MCM and the experience. Now, I’m doing it for the people, for my people. Meraki is my family now. We sit together, we work together, we form human chains and protect each other, we eat together and most of the times each other’s food. Meraki and the OC comes in my dreams now a days and that is how attached I feel to these people. Looking at everyone work so hard to make Meraki a huge success is an inspiration and that’s what keeps me going. I am certain that Meraki will be as awesome as always.” says Vigya Gulati, from hospitality department.

Don’t miss out on one of the most marvellous events of Chandigarh, hurry and get your passes!!

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