Meraki 2k18 Day 1: The Marvel of MCM


One of the most awaited fests, Meraki- the annual fest of MCM DAV College witnessed an array of talented artists and an even bigger array of spectators this year.  The first day, March 21, 2018 began with the opening ceremony early at 9:30 am with the esteemed presence of Mr Ashok Gulia, SSP, Mr Shashank Anand, SSP, and Mrs. Shubhash Gupta as the chief guests. After a marvelous opening ceremony, the fest started with a number of events and competitions organized at different venues.


A theme-based quiz (DC & Marvel, Stranger things and Sherlock Holmes) were organized in the multimedia hall. The quiz was hosted by Kartik, from PEC and Deepakshi from MCM DAV.

There were 14 teams from different colleges of PU who registered. After the preliminary round, four teams namely ‘Team Eleven’, ‘Team Elementary’, ‘Team Avengers’ and ‘Team Justice League’ were shortlisted on the basis of number of correct responses.

There were four rounds including verbal, visual and audio questions.  The fourth round was the rapid fire round wherein contestants were given 90seconds to answer maximum questions correctly.

The winners were team justice league- Jasjeet Khera(SD College),  Jofia Sandhu(MCM),  and Divija Sharma(MCM).

 2. Nukkad Natak: 

At the same time in the gymnasium hall, Nukkad Natak competition on the theme “Breaking stereotypes” was being held.

With loud claps and beats of Dhol, giving a new perception to the audience the participants jolted everyone. The judges of the event were, Dr. Gurmeet SinghChairperson of Hindi Department PU and a known journalist along with, Dr. Surinder, retired Chemistry Professor, at PU, also has acted as a comedian in 80 Punjabi Movies.

The teams that participated were, Sarv Saksham from S.D College which stood firstParwaaz from MCM DAV Collegewhich stood second and Rangmanch from SACCM, which stood third. 

3. Hog it all:

An event for die-hard foodies to show the power of their stomachs. There was just one simple rule- the faster you eat the closer you get to victory. With various teams participating in groups of three, both girls and boys fought very hard, eating and swallowing food but there was only one team that won. It was Manika, Muskan and Manav who finished their boxes in one minute and twenty seconds. A great task accomplished with delicious food sponsored by Crown Patisserie.

4. Groove it up:

From Kathak till Bhangra, Groove it up, as the name suggests, had it all. Rhythm, beats, steps and color, this event was enjoyed utmost by the audience. The event was more lighted with presence of Ms. Sara Gurpal a well-known sensation, as the chief guest. Further, Ms. Devanshi Mishra, owner of Oorja Danceworks and Ms. Shweta Sharda, a known participant from Dance India Dance, were the judges of this event; whereas and Rishab Dev was the Special Guest for the event. Each team was allotted with a prop. There were two rounds, and there were six teams in total, namely, Lehar Bhangra from MCM DAV, team from PGGC-11, Flowzicians from SD CollegeAutonomy from UIET, team from CCET and Dazzlers from GCCBA. Initially, the enthusiasm in the atmosphere was quite low but the Flowzicians hit the floor with a banging performance and raised the bar of the performance to a whole other level.

Flowzicians, Autonomy, CCET and Dazzlers qualified for the second round(face -off). However, with their moves and grooves, the team that bagged the first position was Flowzicians, followed by CCET and then Dazzlers. Out of the lot, judges found Flowzicians as the best, and their choreographer, Abhijeet, was highly appreciated. Mr. Rishab also encouraged and assured future support to them for participating in Dance Plus and India’s Dancing Superstar.

“The teams didn’t offer much of a competition as compared to last time, also we missed Aaveg, the dance society of MCM. On the whole the event was good.”, said Aarushi from the audience

5. Paint a poem:

This event showcased a refreshing idea of painting a poem. Teams from different colleges participated in groups of five members each. Ms. Madhu Marwaha, from MCM DAV college, Ms. Sukhpreet Bhatia from MCM DAV college were the judges for the competition and and Mr. Dharamjeet Singh, a well-known artist, was invited as the chief guest for the event. Each team was given maximum seven minutes to recite and paint the poem which was judged on the basis of content and painting.

Team Twin A’s occupied second position and Team Koshish stood at first position.

6. AD Mad:

AD mad was an advertisement competition which evaluated the creativity and spontaneity of the participants.  There were three team in total- Team Bilal Khan from PGGC-11, Team Blisters from MCM, and Team Sarv sakasham from SD college. 

The competition was divided into three rounds and Team Sarva Saksham, with it’s hilarious concept of mocking the contemporary advertisements, successfully bagged the first prize. 

7. Tug of war:

It was organized by Oxizone Fitness and SPA, the official fitness partner for Meraki. The three teams who took part were – Cupaz, Strength and unity, & unstable women. Every team had their match against each other. The audience around was cheering for the teams and seemed to have a great time witnessing the tussle.

There were 8-10 members in each team. Everyone had put their heart and soul in winning the game. The unstable women came out to be the winners. This was one the only sport events in Meraki 2k18.

8. Comic strip:

A competition organized specially for the comic lovers which was supervised by Gurleen and Twesha from organizing committee. Judges of the event were Dr. Shafila from Environment department, MCM DAV college and Ms. Aarushi Jain from interior designing, MCM DAV college. There were four teams in total and each team comprised of two members. Theme of the event was, animal kingdom representing politicians and counter stereotyping in India.

The participants were supposed to depict a story through their drawings. They were given 60 minutes to complete their comic strips. Drawings were judged based on Alignment with theme, creativity, story and message.

Lovleen and Sejal from MCM DAV stood first while Japneet and Harinder from MCM managed get the second position.

9. Snakes and ladder + Mini games:

A life size snake and ladder game was organized in the ground of the college possibly in an attempt to cater to the child within each individual. And Athirahead of management department and the mind behind this game, was indeed able to achieve this purpose as was evident by the excitement of the players.  Apart from this, mini game which included balloons and the glasses, aim ring on the prize, glasses and ball and tic tac toe were organized under the supervision of Udita Singh, member of the organizing committee.


The cherry on top of such an exciting day was the performance by Band ‘Parashara‘ that majors in Alternative rock, Progressive rock and folk. They captured the entire Meraki stage with their utmost gusto and energy. The six-member group with sang various songs spiced up with their rock and folk touch seemed to be on an onslaught with the MCMites.  The highlight being their self-titled song Parashara which was made more intriguing with the flute played by the lead vocalist Sachin BhagatAllan Lakra and Anil Sharma were fabulous with their guitar and the hammer in betweenThe pianist Rohan Gupta swooned the hearts by taking his keyboard to the stage floor and showing off his skills. While the drummer Zubin George never missed his beat, and the bass Guitarist, Mohit Sharm was beyond awesome!

Yatharth, the band manager made a statement saying, “It’s our first time performing in Chandigarh. We are excited to make people dance and enjoy. We are hoping to make these (audience) a part of Parashara family.”

As in the words of the Principal of MCM DAV College, “Meraki just keeps getting better every year.” 

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