Mental health, seclusion and stigma.


The dreamers and fathers of the sacred foundation stone of our democracy, the constitution of India, worlds largest document, has legally secure right to equality to each and every citizen of the nation, and it is our moral and fundamental duty as well to treat each one equally and abide by the same, but we often tend to forget our ideals and principles when we came across people having “unsound mind”. Not only we mistreat those people but if we have such people in our family we conceal the fact from the society. People having such problems are not taken care of by their family and not even taken to a doctor for proper treatment thus aggravating the situation which otherwise could have been dealt with.

Irony is that, the people suffering from viral fever proudly walk to the clinic to get medications but people suffering from mental disorders need medication and medical assistance more urgently than them but are strongly averted from going to psychiatrists and psychologists.

The victims of these disorders should not be given negligence and contempt rather they seek for our love and affection. Once just try to forget whether they are autistic or dyslexia victim or ADHD victim and love them unconditionally because love is that medicine which can heal their entire ailment.

Moreover, it is our duty as a human being to encourage each and every victim to visit concerned specialist and get his or her disorder cured. Possible reason behind not letting them see a doctor may be the encroachment of society into the affairs of these families and generously advising them not to consult medical specialists which turns out to be a havoc in the lives of the victims and their families as well. But there is nothing to hide in this it is just another medical emergency, which needs to be reciprocated promptly.

You are brave enough,

Do take pride,

Step out; there is nothing to hide.

Remember the faces of your loved one,

And believe the shoulders where you cried

You are brave enough, do take pride

Step out; there is nothing to hide.

Bright side is that in cities and urban areas there is now a considerable awareness people are turning up to doctors but in villages it is still considered as a bad omen to have these people in family and they are kept away from all the auspicious occasions of the house and end up taking them to occultist which is good for nothing but aggravates the situation all the more.

Not only in rural areas but also in the most developed areas of the country these people are always looked down. People don’t let their children to go near these people as they think they may hurt the apples of their eye forgetting the fact that even they are an apple to someone’s eyes, just think about the feeling of their parents and feel the pain. They are not lunatics they just need our attention and affection more than anyone else.

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Vanshika Pandey- JMC, Delhi University


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