Men’s Side- The Other Side of The Coin


Coin, a flat round silver metal, that  has two aspects,  heads and tail, but what we look at is one aspect at a time and sometimes we love that aspect so much, that we forget that there is an another side too.

Similarly we have two common aspects of the world the man and the woman, and what we usually look at is at the women’s view, we pity them, adore them, criticise them, but men, they have been outshined, they have been silent and we are inconsiderate about their views, but not any more, because now is the time to turn the coin, now is the time to look at men’s view, now is the time to look at the other aspect of the coin.

So let’s dive into the world of the other side of the coin, man and their life. 

There is a boy, the most adored one at home, goes to school one day, and enters the outer world, where he is scolded and even thrashed for not doing his homework, but then his friend who is a girl, is warned, and asked to take her seat, from there he measures a distance, between him and her.

He comes back home and wants to cry, he almost was about to break down, when his father came on telling him, that men do not cry, stop behaving like a girl and went through the ‘old sayings’ again.He refrained from expressing anymore, slowly and steadily accepting the world’s view, he  began to emerge as a young adult.

Our protagonist is not an ideal man,  at least not the portrait we create of a man, just imagine he being interested in classical dance. That is what makes him so different from an Ideal man, but obviously he was criticised, where as a girl taking up engineering, computers or any other subject even classical dance was totally ok.

He emerges into an adult and is asked to leave his passion and do some ‘real work’ , whereas his elder sister is still attending her vocal music classes, because he is turning  into an adult and soon responsibilities will cloud upon his head.

He fights for his passion, but without support he ultimately had to lose his passion and enters the grandeur of MBA, which was appreciated by all. He had some relief, that finally everyone will appreciate him, after that long criticism because of opting BA.

The poor boy stuck up with  stats, facts and figures now started going through that mental torture and the rat race for the score in a subject he is least interested in.

He starts feeling depressed and isolated, keeping his calm, he moved on,  because poor boy he can’t even afford to feel depressed as he is the only boy at his home, and his parents will seek his shed in the old age.

Here comes in a twist, as the young boy, steadily falls in love with a girl, and he feels that she is healing him, but her male best friend always frown him.

Already burdened with responsibilities and duties, and the constitution of society that he has to balance turned him frustrated leading to daily arguments and fights, so they part their ways.

He had that strong feeling that the girl was healing his wounds, and would heal him soon, but actually she was creating an another hole on the soft side of his coconut heart. He had no shoulder to cry on, and again he bottles up his emotions.

So finally he grows into a young handsome man and gets a job and again as he is the earning hand of his family, he have to earn for everyone’s living and is burdened with responsibility. Even before he felt settled he is asked to marry and finally settle down in life going in accordance with the society. So now after the happy endings the real story begins, after marriage he have to listen both, the wife as well as the family.

There goes the vicious cycle of kids with their demands, his denial or acceptance, wife her desires, family and their hopes, office and the expectations or targets. Finally he retires but unlike his father, he is independent, with savings, he allows his kids to follow their passion and never asks his son to hold up his emotion, he never forced his son for marriage or a job. Eventually his son had to face only half the problems, which he had already faced.

On one sad day he dies, a bit of melancholy  is there on his face because he could not fulfil his desires and  a bit happiness because at least his son had that freedom and opportunity that he never received.

So this was a brief view, into the life of a man belonging to a middle class family, which covers around 70-80% of the Indian population, they really have to go through a lot, also there is no value of their morals or desire to say yes or no. Their no too isn’t valued.

In an experiment conducted, when a girl was constantly approached by a man, few men and women came to support and help her, and when the roles were reversed, the man became an element of mockery as he said no to a girl. Not only girls but boys too are exploited by some Richie’s, yet no one raises their voice for them. No one is considerate about him,

This is but the sad reality of our society and laws. This is the aspect of the coin, that we all  do nothing about, but just tend to ignore.

About the Author:

Sonam Goel (DAV College 10)


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