Meet the test tube Puppies :


Meet Ivy, Cannon, Beaker, Buddy, Nelly, Red and Green. What makes them different from the others is the way they are brought about in this world. All thanks to the people of Cornell’s college of veterinary medicine. Many of us were and still are not aware of this great achievement, which is one reason of creation of this article (the other – me being a huge dog lover)

The seven beagles and cross-bred beagle-spaniel puppies were born to a surrogate mother and the scientists faced a lot of obstacles in this experiment which included collecting mature eggs from the female oviduct, preparing the apt conditions in the lab and lastly, freezing the embryos and it took nearly 40 years to finally taste the success since Louise Brown Oldham, the first human born by IVF — or so-called “test tube baby” — was born in 1978.

It is indeed a breakthrough in this field of science because humans and dogs are prone to many diseases, as many as double the others! Hence the IVF helps a lot more than apparent in finding the cure of those diseases. And the best thing being, by this advanced research the endangered species of these beautiful creatures can be saved from vanishing!
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