Media, Society and Culture: Interrelation and Emerging Trend at DAVC



On February 8, 2018, Department of Sociology of DAV college sector 10 organized a one day National seminar on “Media, Society and Culture: Interrelation and Emerging Trend”, in Association with of Heal society and Sponsored by College Development Council, P.U.

The event commenced with a customary lighting of the sacred lamp by the Chief Guest of the day Mr. Varun Gandhi (Member of the parliament) in the presence of other  dignitary guests of the panel such as Prof S.P Bansal (V.C, I.P university), Sh. Kanwar Sandhu ( MLA &former editor Indian Express), Sh.Rakesh Kumar Popli ( PCS, director Higher Education).

Principal & Patron of the Seminar further welcomed all the dignitaries and researchers and invited Mr. Gandhi for an inaugural speech in which he highlighted the active and integral role of  media in today’s society.

He called Media the Shape shifter and Mirror to the world. He quoted “Media actions as the next face of change”. In his speech he took over every aspect from cultural to common man. He also expressed his thoughts to empower women in real sense. The clarity of  his thought, examples and with the charismatic personality, he took over the whole crowd with all applauding and cheering.

The event also witnessed a  Technical session whereby all the researchers and the other audience were introduced to the Panel for the further discussion. The discussion was directed towards  understanding the greater intent behind the conference, further enriching the knowledge of the viewers.

After the session,  each four members of the panel delivered a sound speech over the topic in motion, followed by which the panel was up for entertaining questions. At around  80+ Researchers were present at the event who unveiled their thoughts and their distinct researches.  There were Delegate Researcher from England, Nepal, Bangladesh and other regions of India.

The event concluded with a sign off speech, thanking the chief guests for their honorary presence and enlightening the minds of the students.


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