Media Personalities From PTI And NDTV Enlighten GGDSD Students On Unethical Media Practices


Gathering to celebrate the National Press Day on November 16th, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of GGDSD College organised a workshop to discuss unethical practices in the media. Senior photojournalist, Manjit Singh along with NDTV video-journalist, Arpit Jaiswal were invited as guests and they shared some valuable insights into the field of photojournalism and video-journalism.

The head of the Department of Journalism, Priya Khanna Chaddha along with her students organised the workshop. The subject of discussion was “Photojournalism vs Paparazzi: The Unethical Media Practices”.

Manjit Singh, a retired photo-journalist from the Press Trust of India, who carried along his camera even now when he has hanged his boots, started addressing the students with his stories from his over 23 years of experience. Singh talked about how a journalist needs to cope up with the pressure from his manager and also from the political parties. While narrating an event from his days at the PTI, he talked about receiving a photograph which would have attracted a lot of viewership but Singh himself felt suspicious over the authenticity. On cross checking the picture came out to be, however, fabricated. But Singh did not cross his ethics even when he faced pressure and the picture was no published. He was the first photographer to capture the 1995 blast which killed Beant Singh.

Photo-Credit: Varesh Choudhary (SD College 32)

Photo-Credit: Varesh Choudhary (SD College 32)

Arpit Jaiwal, a young video-journalist while displaying his love for the profession on his phone back cover enlightened the student on how getting to adapt to new technologies and making your basic concepts clear go hand in hand. Jaiswal even laughed at question that circled his employer, NDTV, in suspicious acts of ethical violation. Jaiswal emphasised on how it was important for students to make up their mind on what they want to pursue in future.

Students from the first year and final year came up to put a great show in the end where they talked about unethical practices and current status of print, broadcast and also radio. Final year students, Kibria, Sivani and Kshitij discussed cases relating to unethical media practices to make the audience aware about the practices in the in industry.

Ending the workshop on that note, HOD Journalism and Mass Communication expressed her gratitude towards the guests and praised her students for their commendable work.

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