Me Before You : A toast to life

Sometimes, the title of a book says it all. It is catchy and compelling and gives you an idea of what the book is about to be like.
Yet, sometimes, it’s not.
Me Before You is a book that falls in the latter category. At first, I wasn’t very inclined to read it and kept putting it off but when I finally picked it up, I didn’t stop until I reached the last page. Yes! This book is that amazing and has been adapted into a movie this year, starring Finnick Odair of the Hunger Games fame aka Sam Claffin and Emilia Clarke.
Me Before You by Jojo Moyes follows the story of lively and quirky Louisa Clark and rich and handsome Will Traynor. But everything is not what it seems like. Louisa has just lost her 6 year old job at a cafe and has no idea what to do with her life. Will, on the other hand is a wheelchair bound quadriplegic, who lost movements in all of his limbs following a bike accident. Their lives collide unexpectedly when Louisa is hired as a caretaker for Will.
The story progresses as we see Louisa and Will interact, given their unusual circumstances. Will, who has lost all hope in life and finds his wheelchair bound existence miserable finds happiness in Louisa. She on the other hand, who has never stepped out of her small town life, discovers through Will a world she was unaware of.
Louisa channels all of her energy into showing Will that he still has a life worth living for, but is that enough to convince him out of ending his life?
This is the question that forms the crux of the story. The choice to die, known as Euthanasia or mercy killing. The book focuses on this aspect from the point of view of a person who is looking ahead at an entire life of complete dependency.
The book depicts all the harsh realities truthfully, yet beautifully. Other than the growing love between Will and Louisa, two people who possibly have no future together, it also depicts the state of a mother as she watches her only son try to kill himself.
Louisa’s relationship with her sister, her parents, Will’s past, all these are elements that add up to the story.
This book is funny, smart, beautiful, sad and heartbreaking all at the same time. Recommended for everyone !!

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