MCM’s Rotaract Club owned the day with Installation Ceremony


The Rotaract Club of MCM DAV College organized an installation ceremony in order to welcome the new members and felicitate the board members of the club, on 4th August, 2016.The ceremony was held with abundant support and guidance from the principal, Mrs. Nisha Bhargava and the club’s convener, Mrs. Madhu Marwaha.

“Vasudeva Kutumbakam”, the principle of universal brotherhood, is the ideology of the club which also believes that, ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’, as rightly explained by the host and the general secretary of the club, Jannat Bhuttar.

The guests rewarded Tamanna Rai and Savreet Kaur, the new President and Vice-President of the club and 13 new board members with rotaract badges. This token of responsibility and appreciation instilled in them a feeling of pride, confidence and vigor.  Tamanna Rai, on becoming the new President, enlisted the visions and programs of the club, highlighting the MCM Rotaract Event- ‘The Rotaract Princess’ which aims to bring underprivileged girls to the stage to showcase their talents. She also emphasized that they are going to take their project ‘Dosti’ to yet another level. Special light was thrown at the club’s initiative of “prevention of suicides of farmers” as “Ann data par karz, mada humara farz!” 
The event witnessed the presence of Mr. Baldev Aggarwal, the constant guide, mentor and also the founder of MCM DAV’s Rotaract Club. The District Rotaract Representative (DRR), Mr. Shubham Ratan also glorified the occasion along with a few members of his council. The guests of honor, also included, Mr. Yogesh Rishi, Secretary of Rotary, Chandigarh and Madam Sartaj Lamba, Chairman of Rotary club, who is also an alumni of the college.
The ceremony concluded with a message by Mr. Aggarwal on the importance of togetherness and how one should not get ‘influenced’ and always get ‘inspired’. Mr. Shubham Ratan also encouraged MCM’s Club, and motivated the President and the board of members to do complete justice to their responsibility. Rotaract Club is an opportunity to experience how an organization works! The inspirational messages were followed by culmination of the event by the college principal and the Club’s first convener, Madam Alka.

The new rotaract members had a lot to take from the ceremony and they left the venue with inner strength and feeling of abundance.

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