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The talented poets of MCM DAV’s now integral poetic society, Mukhtalif, wowed everyone on November 16, 2016 with their words and verses. The founders of the society, Gursahiba Gill and Samreen Chhabra had organized a Poetry Slam and Open Mic on the theme- ‘Home’ for budding poets to showcase their poetic flairs.

The event kick-started at 11:00am by a special screening of the poem “Everything’s Fine” by Shamir Reuben. It was followed by the first performer, Osheen, who quickly captured the audience’s attention with her enthralling style of expression and confidence. Many more great performances touched on the various interpretations of the theme (Home), interwoven with the Open Mic that gave a diverse array of bold and highly original work that centered on feminism, family, transition and personal growth. Each and every piece tugged on the heartstrings of the listeners.

In a first for the society, the English Department professors, Mridula Sharma, Bindu Sharma and Neena Sharma also joined in and were enthusiastic listeners. Another teacher, Komil Tyagi did the honour of sharing one of her wonderful poems with the audience. It was a joy and a privilege to have the teachers in attendance.

Photo-Credit: Nikita Singh (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Nikita Singh (MCM DAV 36)

Avleen Kaur Lamba, the most seasoned slam poetry artist in the group effortlessly drew the audience into her circle of trust as her words wove their magic into every heart. Samreen gave us an impassioned statement of the truth behind India-Pakistan ties and how the nature of these ties binds both nations intrinsically to one another. A screening of Sarah Kay’s “Montauk” was another event highlight. Gursahiba, in her mesmerizing voice performed two poems on love and friendship. The second brought everyone to tears and is the prime example for why people should write in the first place.

The day saw a lot of first time performers who took flight in a flurry of color and raw energy. Among the newcomers, Divya shone like a rising star with a wonderful dedication to her sister. MCM’s Mukhtalif ended on a very enthusiastic note and left the viewers eager for more from the poets!

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Meher Vadehra (MCM DAV 36)

Meher Vadehra
(MCM DAV 36)

Meher is a freelance conceptual artist, writer and activist. She is an avid reader, singer, runner and a foodie!


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