MCM Rotaract Wraps Up 2-Day Blood Donation Camp


A two-day blood donation camp was organized at MCM DAV College for Women on August 23rd and 24th. The camp was orchestrated by the Rotary & Blood Bank Society Resource Centre and MCM’s Rotaract Club. At the commencement of the event, Tamana Rai, President of the Club confirmed the preparations and said, “Surely, we are expecting a great turnout.”


In the event, the process followed was: First the registered volunteer had to fill a form that encompassed their medical history. Later, they were examined by the doctors who checked their hemoglobin level (more than 12.5), weight (more than 45 kgs), age (18 to 65 years)and other requisites to confirm their eligibility. In return, as a token of appreciation, the club provided a certificate, a towel, attendance for 10 lectures, and refreshments (that were sponsored by the club itself) to the donors.

Both the days saw an impressive number of potential donors turning up. Backing them was a supportive cast of the college’s  Rotaract Club, who took the principle of ‘Vasudev Kuttumbakam’ (universal brotherhood) to it’s well-deserving level. In total, around 600 students got registered, and about 120 eventually donated.
On interacting with some of the excited volunteers, Vibhu of BA 1st year said, “The fact that you are saving someone’s life is rewarding enough for me.” Mallika, BA 2nd year, who was among the first students to donate, and who also works with a NGO Udaan shared with us, ” My younger brother met with an accident, and it became difficult to find blood for him as his was a rare blood group. Since then, I had made a point to donate blood to save the needy in whatever little way I can!” The enthusiasm to help was the same through out and Aditi Kaushish, Board Member of the Club shared,” The primary reason is in the nobility. This is the noblest cause.”

Chief Guest, Baldev Aggarwal, District Chairman for Youth, thanked the donors for their contribution. Dr. Manish Rai, Director of Rotary & BBSRC, summed up by saying,” Blood is the lifeline of a human. It cannot be purchased, manufactured, or imported. At the end, it is only a human who can save other.”
The event successfully set altruism in motion, and showed that it’s not the amount, but the timing, that can make all the difference between life and death.

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