MCM pays a Tribute to Ghalib, his Life and Works


Hazaaron Khwahishein aisi,

Ke har khwashish par damm nikle

Bahut nikle mere armaan

Par phir bhi kamm nikle


One may have heard this wonderfully nuanced poem many a times but it is not often that we envision the man behind the words, the great poet, Mirza Ghalib.


His life and work were paid a superb tribute on January 17th, 2018 at a national seminar which took place in MCM DAV College for women. The English Department of the MCM College, Sector 36, Chandigarh organized the entire function, which included a range of guest speakers who with their scholastic know how on Ghalib’s poetic style, his life and his beliefs, gave us a sea of knowledge to dive into. The function was a joint celebration of 220 years of Mirza Galib along with the college, celebrating 50 years of it’s foundation, lending an atmosphere of jubilation to the discourse on the great poet. 


Those who attended the function took with them new knowledge of Ghalib’s multi faceted persona, the inspiration he took from his surroundings and experiences, his candid and yet multi layered sense of politics and humor and his love for beauty. The talks which were given by renowned scholars from Jamia Islamia University and PU were followed by a set of musical performances by students and teachers of MCM, a mellifluous Qawwali and a solo rendition by a special faculty member who passed out from MCM years back and has done the college proud.


The chief guest of the event, Guljeet Singh Chaddha gave a gracious speech, giving his blessings to the entire gathering. The last leg of the function consisted of the young raring to go poets of Mukhtalif, MCM’s very own poetry society which took to the stage to translate Ghalib’s Urdu poetry, followed by an analytical critique of their translations by a connoisseur of Ghalib, Mr. Vineet Raj Kapoor.


The session left all those who attended it, inspired and flooded with beautiful phrases and visions birthed in the womb of the quest for education. Summing up the event, Ghalib would feel vindicated if he was present. 


Cheers to poetry!!

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Meher Vadehra (MCM DAV 36)

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