MCM- Models, Cat-walks, Makeup


Being in MCM DAV College is much like attending an Indian wedding. A platter full of loud giggles, fancy clothes and the “who is better looking than whom” conflicts awaits you here.

I wonder why I didn’t have a uniform during the last 3 years of my education. Perhaps, because it was no school, it was MCM DAV COLLEGE for Women! Thanks to the “can’t step out before 12 pm– can’t enter afterwards” rule and having to take special permission slips to go out even if you are genuinely ill, I didn’t find any difference!

Most of the girls here are more concerned about looking pretty than any kind of intellectual or personal alleviation. This level of objectification is too high in MCM, specially with the added pressure of staying stick thin which is so unhealthy. Yes, the importance given on being attractive clearly surpasses that given in any other college.

We can’t blame the girl students alone though. A few days ago, I saw a poster that was more shocking to me than it was amusing. It read: “Modeling audition for ‘Sanskiriti Fest’.”
For your information, we have such modeling auditions even for Diwali, Baisakhi, Basant Panchmi, and every minute event. Much to the line, I think MCM should be an abbreviation for “Models, Cat-walks, Makeup”.

As we talk about such difference in the focus in MCM, it is surprising as to how ‘beauties WITH brains’ have started shifting to ‘beauties WITHOUT it’. We certainly have the best teaching staff and get relevant guidance et al. But does that mean that the potential is well utilized? That is possible only if we think outside the book. Sure, there are numerous extra- curricular activities carried out in MCM, but I feel that a great college is one that itself encourages and motivates all of its students to be a part of these activities(not just modeling).

One way out is to establish more clubs that are controlled by the senior, experienced students. There are 2 advantages of it-

  1. Students-welcoming-students : When the fresher crowd enters a college, most if not all of them are nervous, uncertain and anxious about what they should and should not do. The senior students should be empowered to not only invite the freshers to join different clubs, but also take friendly measures to encourage their participation by auditioning them. This will make them more comfortable and more students will be motivated to contribute to the respective activities of the clubs, whether dance, art, music or photography. And of course, for all those involved in club activities, attendance should be given.


2. Directed competitive streak :
When the girls will be busy managing various activities and doing their piece of work, it will steer the dueling ship of comparison in a more productive direction. I’m positive that this will take their mind off of being fashion divas all day. If anything, it will add to the reputation of the college.


Finally, MCM is undoubtedly one of the top most institutions under Punjab University, but measures need to be taken to promote student’s activism. And this is a student’s opinion about it.

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Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

Mihul Narad
(MCM College 36)

Currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from MCM DAV College. An avid reader with an immense love for dancing. I enjoy music, poetry and art.


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