MCM girls share views about appointment of New Principal


While MCM DAV College welcomed its new principal Mrs. Nisha Bhargava on October 27th, this mid-term appointment has led the students in a fix. Amidst such a situation, we asked the MCMites about their views on the potential result and here is what they got to say!


Surmya Sharma.

It is a mix and match of both good and bad for now. On a positive note, there might be some amendments in the administrative functioning and it might fuel up the efficiency. But also, the new head will require time to understand the present situation and it might slow down the working.

AANTPREET KAUR ( President, Student Council)

Aantpreet Kaur

I think that it is good to have a change. Every individual has a different point of view and way to run the system. Since Mrs. Nisha Bhargava is newly appointed, she will not be partial to anyone and will be governed by merit


Bhawna Vaish

Changing the institutional head in the middle of the session is of no good. The previous head took decisions according to her own way of work, now it is not necessary that the new principal follows the same. There can be instability which will adversely affect students for sure


Nikita Mishra

There might be many assumptions but we cannot say about the result without knowing anything about the new principal. She might be more efficient and prove beneficial for the college or might be ill-fitted and play havoc. Only time will tell!


Ramandeep Kaur

There are many things in a college which need to be pre-planned. And especially when exams are so close, it will lead to quick decisions which cannot always be correct.



I think our principal should not have changed. She was helpful and catered to the need of each student. Also, students could share problems related to the administration too. Building such a relation with the new principal will take quite a time.


Geshna Sharma

I believe that the change of principal for the second time is definitely going to affect the administration. The new principal will have to be told everything from scratch. The mindset of the newly appointed principal may not match the ideals of the previous principal. The functioning may altogether change and this will be hectic for the staff as well as the administration.


Aneesha Pental

We didn’t spend much time with our previous principal and didn’t get any specific chance of interaction with her, so I cannot remark on her as a person or as a principal. If the authorities have taken some decision, it must have been on some basis and well considered.


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