MCM Continues Day 3 of Youth Fest With Zeal


The third day of Punjab University Youth Fest at MCM DAV College was all the more interesting and fun-filled. It included the One Act Play(Drama), Histrionics, Skit, Mimicry, Mime and Bhand competitions. The Chief Guest for the day was Doctor Surinder Sharma, who gave a wonderful speech and asked the students to preserve the Punjabi culture to our best of abilities. The girls in the one act play were amazingly expressive, talented and energetic. The costumes were great and the stage design was elegant. Themes like freedom, friendship, empowerment and feminism were used for the plays. “Varis”, an emotional display of the truth about the treatment of a girl child in India won the first prize. Garima, a third year B.Com Student, from MCM DAV College won the first position in the individual category, for her stellar performance. In Histrionics, girls essayed multiple roles with grace and ease. Prabhjot bagged a position for the same. The judge for both these events was Daljinder Basra.

The judges presiding over the other events were Rajneesh Chhabra and Prof. Kirpal Singh. Skits on the themes of organ donation, social media and youth issues like drugs and alcohol were crisp and full of witty dialogues. These skits were presented smartly with humour and intelligence going hand in hand. Mimicry showed complete and utter talent in a one woman show. Mime, a silent performance, where the body was the only instrument of communicating portrayed extremely meaningful ideas and left us with goosebumps at one moment and in tears the next. Bhand was a celebration of the Punjabi cultural roots, strengthening our academic community. The day was a roller coaster of talent, bitter sweet moments and everlasting memories.


Photo-Credit: Nikita Singh (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Nikita Singh (MCM DAV 36)

On the other hand, students were holding the stage in the other venue. The topic for debate, ‘Election of student association in educational institutions should be mandatory’, was put forth for eight colleges. Each participated in the thought-provoking war of words. Each college had two debaters representing motions: for and against the topic. People in favor unanimously conceded it as the ‘killing of democratic spirit’ and the fact that ‘banning something improper will not make it proper’. Participants opposing the motion referenced ‘the indiscipline, illegalities and vandalism’ that has become synonymous with the student elections which has turned this tool of democracy into a ‘dirty political game.’

Photo-Credit: Pearl Sardana (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Pearl Sardana (MCM DAV 36)

Judges of the event were Mr. Navdeep Singh Gill, Mr. S.D. Sharma, and Mr. V. K. Tiwara. Ms. Neena Sharma, head organiser of the event, supported the ‘agree to disagree’ initiative among the students and said, “This is a good platform to remove inhibitions, and air opinions, the way they should be. This can be a harbinger of change.” The topic for elocution was ‘Transformational impact of Social Media’. Total eight colleges participated in the event, wherein issues like cyber bullying, technology and smart-phones-but-not-so-smart-people, were touched upon. The culmination of ideas with special focus on gestures and vocabulary led to a memorable event.  Shreyansi from GCG-11 bagged the first position in elocution. Poetry took a refining turn when eight participants representing their respective colleges took to reciting iconic poems and marveling the entire venue in the process. Medium of recitation was flexible, encompassing Hindi, Urdu, English and Punjabi languages. Topics ranged from corruption to paradox of poverty. Judges of the event were Mr. Manjit, Mr. Avtar Singh and Mr. Jalaur Singh.

All in all, the healthy and welcoming spirit of competition through the war of words, remained intact throughout the above mentioned string of events and thus MCM’s third day of Youth Festival ended on an exultant and blissful note.

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