MCM celebrated Independence by raising voices

Photography by Shaurya Dahiya (MCM College 36)

The Political Science Department of MCM DAV College for Women organised a debate competition in the Gymnasium Hall, which was packed to its capacity, on August 12, 2016. It was an effort to provide an opportunity to students for showcasing their talent in debating, and also to celebrate the Indian Independence.

Around 21 participants took different stances towards the motion of the day that was, “Today all modern states are independent to be interdependent.” They had the freedom to voice their opinion in any language from amongst Hindi, Punjabi and English. 
Adding colors to the event and soothing the competitive atmosphere, Pankhuri Bhardwaj, a third year student sang a patriotic song for the audience.
On to results, the adjudication was done by a team of judges comprising of Mrs Rama Kashyap (HOD Economics), Mrs Gurvinder and Mrs Madhu Marwaha from the Department of Public Administration and English respectively. The first prize went to Janvi Satija (BA III), Arshkiran (BA I) claimed the second prize and Pragati (BA II) got the third prize. The principal, Dr Nisha Bhargava, gave away the prizes to the winners.
Catering to the right opportunity, the editors of the editorial board of the Political Science Department from the second and third year (hons) were also announced. Ms Richa Vashista from BA third year will shoulder the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief of the wall magazine. 

The event was not only a mark of India’s Independence, but it also aimed at sensitizing students about the broad concept of interdependence without compromising the sovereignty of a state, which is of immense importance to the subject of political science.


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