MC Polls Saffron with BJP-SAD Landslide Win


Overwhelmed with the landslide win in the municipal corporation polls, it seems like celebrations are yet not over for BJP-Shiromani Akali Dal. In the result declared on Monday, December 19th, BJP swept the polls clearly as it procured 20 seats and Shiromani Akali Dal 1 seat out of the total of 26. Rest of the seats went in fragments to Congress (4 seats) and an independent candidate, Dalip Sharma (1 seat).

These polls were undoubtedly important for BJP-SAD. That because PM Narendra Modi had hit the tiger economy with demonetization on November 8th and with the polls at the gap of just a month, the alliance’s defeat would have given a clear reflection that demonetization failed to strike a chord with the commoners. This further would have set the downfall for the party in the state assembly elections. Now that BJP-SAD came victorious, it would definitely act as a confidence builder for the party among the masses. Making a parallel between the polls and demonetization, Party Chief Amit Shah said, “After demonetization was announced five states have had municipal polls, and people have approved of the BJP. Every single poll that has taken place after November 8 and where the BJP has won, people have accepted the move.”

Even when we speak of how BJP-SAD succeeded in swaying votes, not all went well for this alliance. Interestingly, Dalip Sharma who is the only independent candidate to have won a seat in this election, gave a cut to BJP’s position. He resigned from BJP on not getting a ticket and justified his stand by winning the seat of ward number 19 by a margin of 243 votes.

Another positive of this election was that the total turnout of voters was 59.54 percent, more than that of the last year. However, female representative took a dip by one seat. Out of the winning candidates, there are only 9 females against the last year’s number of 10. 



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