The beginning of a brand new session brings an overload of worries for the freshers. The thoughts related to struggle of survival @ hostel isn’t new as well. Every fresher out there must be wondering how boring or awesome life at hostel would be.

Fret not buds as here are some cool #hostel_hacks which will lessen your worries and will make your stay at hostel, a hassle-free one:

1. Never leave your room unlocked while you’re not inside: Always lock your room even before going to pee to assure safety of your stuff. P.S. Being a hostellite myself, I’ve seen trivial things being stolen every third day or so. From a branded tshirt to charging lead, nothing is safe when you’re away from home.

2. Always be equipped with a first aid box: Always keep general medicines and ointments within your reach for times when your stomach might get upset after gulping the greasy mess food. Hostels at DU do have a medical room but medicines aren’t available 24/7 so make sure you don’t lose your health while you’re away from home. But, however even your stomach will get used to digesting that food after a few weeks 😛

3. Make your alarm clock your BFF: Yes, you heard that right!! Once you’re at the hostel, you need be to be more punctual and cautious when it comes to time management. You shouldn’t really keep asking your mum
to wake you up in the mornings or after you’re done with a nap. Get used to waking up by alarm’s call because you’ll end up thanking it later for making you earn those 5 marks; specifically reserved for attendance.

4. Do carry an electric kettle: Hostel rules, though prohibits the students from keeping any electric equipment but believe it or not, this comes as the ultimate survival kit during these days when you’re having a cold war
with those “mess wale bhaiyas”. There are times when you would choose not to eat at all rather than eating the mess food. For those times, prepare a hot soupy magi for yourself because that meal, for sure, would
let you appreciate yourself for being such an amazing cook.

5. Choose F.R.I.E.N.D.S. wisely: This one comes up as the most important tip. If chosen wisely, they can make you believe your hostel to be “home away from home”. Beware of fake friends because not everyone who listens to your troubles is your friend, it might be that he/she is just curious. Don’t be in a hurry to make friends. Take your time and choose them wisely because these people will be the ones whom you’re gonna share that last bite with, whom you’re gonna live an adventurous part of live with.

So freshers, don’t be a worried lot and take a note of these hacks to make your hostel life a memorable one.

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Siddhi Kansal- Hans Raj College, DU


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