Marriage: Two Sides Of The Coin


Marriage is definitely one big turning point in our lives, it turns our life up side down totally, if we expect to live the same way even after we get married it’s a myth, adjustments and compromises  are accompanied to it.

Well ever thought of the thoughts that recurs in the mind of a person, who’s marriage has been fixed,  and is just about to get married.

We all have heard people saying, shaadi equals to ‘barbadi’ , ‘shadi karke phas gaye’ etc, don’t these phrases scares the one who’s marriage have been fixed.

Well I recently got to know about these feelings and how scary as well as joyous they could be, when you are engaged to the one you love, Here is a feeling of a girl my own sister, as she is about to get married soon.. You can congratulate us later.

  Well the joy of finally getting permission to live with your loved one and spending rest of your life  with that person is just on another level, however as we all know,  in India Its not the man and women who gets married but the two families conjoins in vows and ceremonies, and hence with the every step you take, you not only consider your partner but the entire family that encircles around.

Well that’s how my sister explained it to, to begin with she need to think a lot while talking to her in laws and try her best not to offend them,  even tit bits like ‘facebook’, and ‘Instagram’ is to be monitored and keep a check on  what you post, sounds scary right.

The girl who loves her all comfy lowers and lose tops at home, will now have to dress 12-15 hrs of the day in  suits and saree omg, and of course no more no makeup days and lazy evening  and Sundays that were spent enjoying movies at home, also no more  sleeps till daylight, wake up when the sun do etc. etc.

Also to start from the beginning a sort of new birth, with new family, new brothers, sisters and parents, and at times new place and new jobs is both exciting, and haunting, you may feel dizzy at times thinking of the same.

But the 2 am talks with your future hubby/wify are so interesting, the wedding plans, the honeymoon plans,  being pampered by all, getting dressed, planning the wedding night, message box full of congratulations and best wishes, seizing all the lamplight and  the other rituals are so amazing and exciting, it fills a person with joy and a natural glow can be seen on the face of the individual, also the engagement ring on your hand gives you a connecting feel, that soul to soul kind a connection.

Marriage is considered as a sacred ceremony all over the world, though the rituals may be different everywhere, yet the feelings are almost the same, marriage is celebrated no less than a festival and has its own value, in everyone’s life, yet we cannot deny its pros and cons, but understand them better, and tackle accordingly.

Marriage is a boon for some and bane for others, yet all we advice is enjoy each and every ritual of your marriage, those moments are precious, you may experience good or bad after, but the time just before your marriage, is to live each and every moment, and just be happy.

So just sit still look pretty and feel good.

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Sonam Goel (DAV College 10)



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