Mark MCM’s hostel life on, with these 7 points!


College is altogether a different experience, with a blend of sweet and sour memories. Although the ‘no-uniform’ and free atmosphere in college seems delightful, it could be a topsy-turvy ride for the ones staying  in the hostels, away from their families.

Here’s what you are sure to experience in almost every hostel and MCM DAV is no exception to it:

  • ‘That’ food


This goes without a doubt that every fresher is bound to miss her ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’ while staying in the hostel. Nevertheless, the routine weekly menu of the mess adds to the variety of the food served. (The initial months are spent learning the menu itself!)

  • Gone is that space


The journey from the ‘princess-like’ treatment at home to ‘adjusting with strangers’ could be a little tough, but it serves as a great learning experience. From making your bed to cleaning the room, you gradually turn into a strong and independent young woman.

  • The restrooms


No more are you the queen of your bathroom, attached to your bedroom! Living in MCM DAV’s hostel means getting up in the morning on time and making your way to the restrooms to avoid being late! You’ll learn to manage time like a BOSS!

  • The water-hassle


Behold, winters! Along with managing the time, you’ll also learn to manage your speed! From becoming aware of the hot water timings, to giving up on a little amount of sleep and secretly praying for being able to take a bath without any knocks on the doors, your journey in the hostel will equip you to deal with any problem whatsoever! Also, after a good hot water bath, you can enjoy basking in the sun in the hostel gardens.

  • The bonding over meals/evening tea


There’s no better way to make friends and newer bonds than the mess talks. Look up for a chair to sit and soon you’ll find yourself chit-chatting with your table-mate.

  • The DJ parties


MCM looks after its fresher students with utmost care! You’ll find yourself grooving along the beats during the DJ parties organized specially for the first year students, many times a year!

  • The ‘in-between lectures’ lunch


Found free lectures during the day and have a packed schedule ahead? Run back to the hostel during the lunch time and treat yourself with hot fresh food.

To all those going to stay in the hostels, fret not! Everything seems tough and full of hardships initially, but in the broader sense, it’s all worth it!

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